YF Melbourne

The youth came from the east and the west, from the north and the south to gather for an awesome time of fellowship in the city of Melbourne on the south-east coast of Australia. What a blessing it was to see over 60 young people in the Message from Tasmania, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, some traveling more than 3,000 km to meet each other, to renew acquaintances, and make lifetime friends.

The Lord really blessed all of us with His presence. The Creations team activity was an inspiration. Each team had to send runners to a central station to get supplies to construct the Seven Church Ages and Lamp Stand. From a few clues, the team members searched their Bibles and memories to fill in the missing info. As the timer ran down, the artists in each team worked quickly to apply the finishing touches to the masterpieces. It was a close call for the judges to select the winners. Well done to all the youth that participated. The Quiet Time is always very special as the young people gathered to pray and to talk to their heavenly Father, to thank Him for His wonderful blessings. You could feel the presence of the sweet Holy Spirit and a gentle peace as the Lord came down to become a living reality in the hearts of the youth.

But listen to His still small Voice. Every one of you people who profess to be Christians, get yourself quiet before Him. Don't let the washing hinder. Don't let the work hinder. Don't let nothing hinder. Don't let nobody know what you're doing. Just go before Him. Get up in the woods somewhere. Get out on the side of the road. Go into the secret closet and close the door, when the kids gets at school. There get down on your knees. You've heard all kinds of voices everywhere. But just get down and stay there until those voices are silenced and you begin to lift up. It'll change you. It'll make you different like it did this little Samuel. It'll do something to you if you'll just do it. Now, it'll make you what you should be. It'll make you the kind of Christian that you ought to be.

58-1005M Hear His Voice

Here are some of the testimonies:

It was a privilege to attend the YF Gym Day this year. It was nice to meet everyone and spend time with them that day. I really enjoyed all the games that were planned out. I particularly enjoyed the table-tennis and volleyball. Later in the day, we did a quiz from the tape "A greater than Solomon is here", of the story of Bert Call. At the end, we had Quiet Time. Everyone went into their different places and had a Quiet Time with the Lord. It was great to be a part of the YF Gym this year.

Brother Joshua

The atmosphere was welcoming at YF. When I entered the gym I said to myself that all the kids here are my friends who believe the message of the end time. At the Young Foundations the most important thing I loved was Quiet Time. Because you can talk to God and have a private interview with Him, and there were no distractions, it was a quiet time. We had an amazing and wonderful time.

Brother Salem

God Bless you Brother Joseph and Brother Andrew for organising the Gym day for us. It was honestly a true blessing. I actually have a testimony to share about what happened to me at the Gym Day.

My eyes were watering real bad and they started to swell up, and I was very upset because I knew that I was going to have a bad day and not enjoy the activities. When we arrived at the gym, I asked Brother Andrew to pray for me. He said a very short and sweet prayer that really uplifted my faith. The devil was not happy with that, so my eyes started getting worse. I told a sister about my eyes, and then I said "but I'm healed." The dear sister took me aside and prayed for me too. That also really uplifted my faith. After that, I just ignored my problem and performed the activities, and before I knew it my eyes were perfectly whole. Instead of swelling more, they stopped. I was so happy.

It's very nice to hang around message believing youth, because there's just a sense of freedom, and it was somewhat of a little haven away from the people of the world and the bad atmosphere that they carry.

Sister Lily

The Holy Spirit was so strong during QT, I could almost reach out and touch Him! Praise the Lord, I’m still in that Presence! From now on I will be in deep prayer for every YF event, as it has changed my life! Thank you, Bro. Joseph, Bro. Andrew and everyone involved! I cannot wait for the next one…If we’re not gone in the Rapture before then!!!

Brother Billy

G'day, All of a sudden, the phone rang - there was going to be a YF Gym Day in Melbourne; I was so happy!

After about 3-4 long months of waiting, the day finally came that we were to go to the YF Event which was only about 35mins drive from our house! We went a bit earlier to help set up.

We started to play volleyball, and then we started to have contests. The team I was in lost. We moved over to the table tennis and table soccer; we had to pick a partner. Jamie and I were a team and we won both table tennis and table soccer. We were then put into the finals.

We had to pick one or the other, so we picked table soccer; there were 3 teams in the finals in the table soccer department. I think we came in 2nd. I reckon that was one of my favourite games there!

There were other activities to do like write details about The Seven Church Ages, play basketball, do Quiet Time, listen to one of Bro. Branham stories and answer questions at the end, singing, have dinner, supper and sweets.

So that was a pretty awesome day! God Bless.

Brother Isaac

The Lord blessed me so abundantly that day! As I stepped into the hall I knew that it was going to be one very awesome day of fun and more importantly getting closer to my Lord and Saviour. I joined in quickly to the game of volleyball that some young brothers and sisters had started playing. Volleyball is soooo much fun! :) Once we were welcomed and had some laughter over anticipating in icebreakers, the chaperones got all us kids into teams. Each team played volleyball, table soccer, and table tennis. That was loads of fun! Drawing the Candle Stick with the church ages, messengers etc. on paper was great, I was trying to remember them in order. :) My team also came 2nd. Brother Branham told us the story of how Bert Call got saved and we answered the questions to the quiz. I enjoyed the games, eateries, and fellowship so much, and I met new friends and caught up with the old friends. After singing some good old Gospel songs we all sat down in different areas of the gym for Quiet Time. I felt the presence of the Lord going down and touching my heart. I really received in abundance what I came for.

God bless brother Joseph for allowing us young people in Australia to participate in the YF Gym Day and for all the chaperones who did an excellent job in preparing and making it happen on the day. God bless you all.

Sister Zoe