Ebolowa Youth Camp

Ebolowa is the capital of Cameroon’s south region. It's a colonial town of about 79,500 people that produces crops such as cocoa, coffee, sugarcane, and corn. It may be a notable agricultural center, but the area is also producing a “crop” of young soldiers in the Lord’s army. 

The following is a report of a youth camp that took place this summer.

From August 6th to the 11th, the Regional College of Agriculture of the city Ebolowa, Cameroon housed a youth camp.

Various rooms and dormitories used during the campers' stay were named after the cities of refuge from the Bible, including Kedesh (Saint), Bezer (The Fortress), Golan (Joy), Hebron (Communion), and Shechem (Shoulder). Indeed, the idea behind the camp was to offer young people a resting place, allowing them to be safe from all the voices that prevent one from listening the Voice of God daily.

About 111 campers from eighteen Message believing assemblies of the country reached the event site Monday afternoon, August 6th.

After we welcomed them and they unpacked, the theme of the camp was unveiled that evening: "Christian, that’s right, like Christ."

That’s the way they do today. Oh, we’ve got to have some kind of a name attached to us. We got to tell the people when they ask us, “We’re Methodist, Baptist.” Just say you’re Christians, that’s right, “Christ-like.”

60-0911E Five Definite Identifications of the True Church of The Living God

The following French-translated tapes were played successively the second, third, and fourth day in the camp:

  • 63-0601 Come Follow Me
  • 64-0308 The Token
  • 59-1220E Identified With Christ

These sermons played during the camp could be summarized as follows: "Follow Jesus and receive the Sign in order to be identified with Christ; we then become Christians like Christ." Before listening to each sermon, preliminaries have always created the spiritual atmosphere needed to receive the Word.

A particular highlight was placed upon the importance of listening to the tapes, as they contain the Voice of God for us today, and as the eagle feeds its brood mouth to mouth, so does God feed us through tapes with the purest Food that our souls need. The Presence of God in the room after those services was really strong, and we thank the Lord for that.

The second day, Brother Joseph Branham's Prisoner of Christ preliminary was played about today’s cell phones. Subsequent discussions with the campers allowed them to be fully aware of the hidden trap behind an addiction to these devices.

The "Quiet Time" was a daily activity at the camp after the first day. For entertainment and relaxation for campers, a set of games rewarded at the end with medals were organized, all in a spirit of full fellowship.

The camp's "trophy" is the five campers who accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior, and were baptized in His Name. We are thankful to the Lord for that.

Campers and crews received as tokens: a tape book, a T-shirt, a participation certificate, the Seven Church Ages Book, and the pin "Prisoner of Christ" each.

A display on VGR and its vision was the last articulation of the camp during the closing ceremony.

We displayed its genesis, activities, and vision which is to bring the Message to the Bride in its purest form and which is accomplished today in the Agapao Tablet.

May the Lord richly bless the Bride of Christ throughout the world.



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