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Representatives from the VGR office in Zimbabwe recently attended two conferences to display the work taking place in their country. Many were introduced to the Jubilee messages that thousands are already enjoying. They also had the chance to share the vision of Brother Joseph to make the Message available to every person on the face of the earth. Here is some of what they had to say.

Zimbabwe believers recently had two conventions take place, where brothers and sisters were able to come together in fellowship around the Word.

Over the heroes weekend (August 10) there were two big convention meetings going on in the country, each one about 300km out of Harare, and over 300km apart. One was in the eastern highlands town of Mutare and the other in Mashava, which is 40km out of Masvingo.

There was a wonderful spirit of unity and brotherhood among the brothers at both places. They desired to have a VGR stall where the believers could have access to the prophet's Spoken Word books, pictures, SD cards, Shona Spoken Word books, and so forth.

We managed to get set up at both places with a cross-section of nearly every single product we have here at the office. The believers were extremely appreciative of the VGR stall. They especially enjoyed receiving the free Shona and English Spoken Word books. It had been apparent but even more so now that books still play a pivotal role in spreading the Message and feeding the believers here. A large number of the believers hailed from the rural areas and growth points where power supply is fitful and in some areas they do not even have electricity. They resort to reading by gas lamp, paraffin lamp, candlelight etc., some have solar powered households too. Many testimonies and souls have come to Christ because of them books. It’s amazing; so the believers devoured the books at the VGR stall, and no doubt after visiting that stall they are going forth to grow as calves of the stall! (Malachi 4:5)

There is a lot of missionary work going on in the country as dedicated men of God take this Gospel to the jungles of Africa. Many of them come to the office and get the books VGR gives out free of charge to their church libraries and people. They have also been equipped with the Shona translated MP3 CDs and an MP3 player to play the CDs to which they continue to be greatly appreciative. Calls come in reporting blessed times. Deliverances, healings, gastronomical Jubilees, while Elijah would be ministering to his friends in Africa.

At both conventions Brother G was given time to speak. He gave a VGR report and update on goings-on and had an opportunity at the one to play a portion of the Jubilee tape, "Anointed Ones At The End Time" translated in Shona. That little portion was a great insight into the deep lesson Brother Branham was bringing that morning. It was wonderful to see the response of the people turning their Bibles and writing notes at the prophet's request while he taught us. A great blessing indeed that left us believers longing for more. Word came that on the way back from the convention a group of believers returning home on the bus after the appetizer at the meeting felt to play that message again on the bus, which they did and received a total blessing! My sheep know my Voice!

Thank you for availing this material. In reality it is untold what each Message book, CD or SD card is accomplishing once it gets into the hand of the predestinated seed and the light flashes across that germ of life. What we know and hear is a mere tip of a great big iceberg of the fulfillment of prophecy.

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