Children's Passport Cover
The passport includes a passport cover to keep it protected. The case is available in your choice of colors
Sound Wave Print
$10 each
(limit 1 per sponsorship account)

The sound wave print is the digital form of Brother Branham saying, “You can't visit every nation. You can send tapes to it.” It’s dimensions are 32.5"w x 13.5"h, and it is made to be framed with or without a mat. There are 24 light outlines around the edges shaped in the same form as the monthly international stamp sponsorship.

A new stamp is sent out to sponsors every month, so you can collect all 24. Each stamp can be placed in its corresponding position on the sound print for the two-year project. The frameable print can be purchased for $10.

Children's Passport
$5 each
Select a color:

The Agapao Passport is for all those young missionaries (and young at heart). For each monthly tablet sponsorship, your stamp can be placed inside your passport. Like a world traveler, your passport pages will be filled with exotic countries where the Agapao Tablet will go. The passport booklets come with your choice of passport covers, available in three colors, and can be purchased for $5.