A Norwegian Wind

Brother David Forsberg and a team of believers in Norway are out there again, blowing the Gospel trumpet loud and clear in the Norwegian town of Skien. Like usual, they hit the ground running, witnessing and inviting people to view The Deep Calleth To The Deep film in December when they return.

Here is Brother David’s report about their trip.

First of all, we would like to thank you all who remembered us in your prayers!

Skien City is one of Norway´s oldest cities and was the birthplace of the author and major Norwegian poet, Henrik Ibsen.

Skien was also the birthplace of Brother Aage Samuelsen, Norwegian Christian song writer and revival preacher. He was sitting at the platform when Brother Branham was in Oslo and supported him there.

Some time ago, God put it on our hearts to do missionary work in this city. This day we were allowed to set up our banners and use the nice Pavilion in the Ibsen Park, very grateful to the local government who gave us the permission.

Brother Branham started our day, singing loud and clear from the Pavilion. The hymns sounded in big loudspeakers. The sound was going a good distance outside the park, to the streets and to the market place.

There was lot of police around the city. The police told us that they were protecting us, in case something happened. Because it was another arrangement, the Pride festival which was just a quarter from us, downtown. Praise God, the whole day went peaceful for all of us. It was not only the police that was guarding us, we are also sure that there were guarding angels that protected the team and the Word that was brought to the city.

In the middle of the day we went out all over the city, and we gave out hundreds of tracts, and witnessed to the people about the Lord and about the Message of the hour. At the same time we also gave them an invitation to see the film, The Deep Calleth To The Deep, that will be shown at a theatre in a city nearby on December 1st.

After that, we all went back to the park, and started singing the old good gospel songs in the pavilion. People came by and listened, and it was a blessing to see how they went to the witness card table, supplying themselves with the Norwegian translated witness cards. And we believe the predestinated seed will use the web info on the cards that will lead them directly to the Truth of the day!

The anointing from the Holy Ghost was all over the place. We want to share one thing that made us all smile. It was a big group with young people that came to the park. They were trying to hunt the "Pokémon" on their phone app, but they didn`t find any of them there in the park. They were wondering why they didn't find any of them, but we knew why: no creature like that can stay in the Presence of the Lord.

We ended this day with some more songs and finally the song, Only Believe, and then we played the Quote Of The Day by William Marrion Branham loud in the speakers. Something great happened that we all in the team can testify about. When Brother Branham spoke that quote and mentioned about the wind, we suddenly saw and heard a wind come down over the witness card table in front of us.

First the wind lifted up the Pillar Of Fire picture, and then the witness cards so they were flying up around in the air. It was a God speaking back experience for all of us. We receive it like a confirmation that it pleases God to do missionary work and to let the prophet speak to the people.

Here is the powerful Quote:

Moses went forward, packing a stick. And we find out the Red Sea opened, ’cause a mighty wind followed that Fire, the Light of God. When men walk in the Light, then the winds follow. Jesus said, “Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until you're endued with power from on high.” And they waited until there come from heaven a sound of a rushing mighty wind. They walked in Light, till the wind begin to blow. Amen. Just step in the Light tonight, you outside of Christ; the winds will come back again like they was on the day of Pentecost. Just keep walking in the Light; it'll separate the thing that was hindering you from one side to the other.

55-1007 The Power Of Decision

“Thanks be to God!”

God bless you!

Sis. Ellen & Bro. David

VGR Norway



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