Month In Pictures

Here are some pictures from our representatives around the world.



1 - Angola

Some of the local youth recently visited the Angola VGR office in Luanda. They were had a wonderful day learning about YF, Tape quizzes, Quiet Time, and they had lots of fun!


2 - Cameroon

Here are some pictures from a recent Missionary trip in the northern part of Cameroon.


3 - Cameroon

A team of sisters in Yaounde, Cameroon did a wonderful job with a Creations activity for the youth.


4 - Cameroon

Here are some pictures from a recent Creations class in Cameroon.


5 - Cameroon

Bro. Promise recently baptized some brothers in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


6 - Cameroon

Several brothers and sisters from the city of Yaoundé, Cameroon, met at the Mbankolo crossroads, played a Tape and distributed tracts to merchants and passers-by.


7 - Cameroon

Some sisters showing their Creations project.


8 - Republic Of Congo

A group of Tapeboys from Pointe-Noire, Congo Brazzaville, gave out tracts and brought the Word to the people.


9 - Republic Of Congo

Some brothers went on a weeklong Tape playing missionary trip in Dolisie, Congo Brazzaville.


10 - Republic Of Congo

Here are some pictures of some baptisms that recently took place in Nzassi, Congo Brazzaville.


11 - Republic Of Congo

A brother in Congo Brazzaville went on a missionary trip to visit the Pygmies and he played Tapes in public places.


12 - Republic Of Congo

The first Agapao Tablet distribution ever, recently took place in the country of Congo Brazzaville.


13 - Republic Of Congo

Creations activity held at the Brazzaville office.


14 - Republic Of Congo

Little eagles gathering for Quiet Time and tape journaling, and a Creations class on Squirrel Season in Brazzaville!


15 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

A group of brothers and sisters travelled for an Evangelization campaign in Lusengo and Mobeka, DRC.


16 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

During a missionary trip in Likouala, DRC, many of the believers were able to listen to a Tape for the first time.


17 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

In Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, many gathered together to listen to do Quiet Time, listen to a YF Tape quiz, and complete some activities.


18 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

Here are some pictures of different Creations classes that happened in the DRC.


19 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

Creations Class for Brother Billy Paul’s birthday in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.


20 - Equatorial Guinea

Here are pictures from Equatorial Guinea, where some of the youth took part in some activities centered around the Word.


21 - Equatorial Guinea

It was a red-letter day for the brothers and sisters in Equatorial Guinea as they received their Agapao Tablets during a recent distribution.


22 - Gabon

Brothers and sisters gathered together in Moanda to have Quiet Time and listen to the tape Faith (61-0813).


23 - Gabon

Evangelisation in Libreville, Gabon.


24 - Gabon

Here are pictures from the open house held at the VGR library, which recently moved to a new location, in Libreville, Gabon.


25 - Gabon

Here are pictures of brothers and sisters in Gabon participating in various Creations activities and projects.


26 - Gabon

A shipping contained filled with the first Agapao Tablets for the believers in Gabon recently left the VGR in Jeffersonville.


27 - Gabon

Here are pictures of brothers and sisters in Gabon participating in various Creations activities and projects.


28 - Ivory Coast

Missionary outreach in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.


29 - Ivory Coast

A Christian camp of about 150 believers took place in Bonoua, Ivory Coast. The theme of the camp was Influence, and it lasted 4 days.


30 - Ivory Coast

Tape Boys recently went on a missionary trip in Duékoué, Ivory Coast, where they played the Tapes, spoke on the radio station, testified, baptized and distributed material to the Bride of Christ.


31 - South Africa

Johannesburg Message outreach work.


32 - South Africa

Local youth volunteered to clean up the Johannesburg office distribution center, and enjoyed a time of fellowship while taking a little part in the work of the Lord.


33 - South Africa

Many visitors stop by the Johannesburg Office to collect Message material for themselves and/or their familes and churches.


34 - Namibia

Many new baptisms are taking place in northern Namibia as our VGR translator goes from house to house testifying and proclaiming the Word through Tape listerning and Message books.


35 - Tanzania

VGR Tanzania visits Tanganyika National Library in Dar Es Salaam for an outreach.


36 - Uganda

Pastor group photo Uganda Iganga lending library.


South America


1 - Argentina

Tablet distribution continues in Argentina with another shipment of 1500 tablets starting to be distributed throughout the country by Brother Eladio Silva, VGR distributor.


2 - Brazil

Creations worksheets from the youth Brazil!


3 - Colombia

Beautiful worksheets from believers in Colombia!


4 - Colombia

Agapao Tablet distribution in La Hormiga, Putumayo.


5 - Colombia

Agapao Tablet distribution in Mocoa, Putumayo.


6 - Colombia

Agapao Tablet distribution in Puerto Asis, Putumayo.


7 - Ecuador

Believers in Ecuador with their Creations projects and worksheets.


8 - Guyana

The young believers in Guyana with their cloring worksheets.


9 - Paraguay

Creations activities in Paraguay.


10 - Paraguay

Tablet distribution to the many believers and churches in Paraguay.


11 - Trinidad

The young believers in Trinidad during some of their Creations classes.


12 - Venezuela

Some of the worksheets that the young people completed for Creations.




1 - India

Creations worksheets from the young people in India.


Mexico & Central America


1 - El Salvador

Many of the Creations classes in El Salvador. There were many worksheets and classes for the young people to participate in.


2 - El Salvador

Opportunity to update tablets for the local church and visit with them on Sunday as they joined the Eagles Gathering for the message.


3 - Guatemala

The young people in Guatemala with their completed Creations worksheets.


4 - Mexico

Follow-up trip checking on tablets in Sayula, Huescalapa & Zapotiltic, Jalisco.


5 - Mexico

Follow-up trip checking on tablets in Tepic, Nayarit.


6 - Mexico

Brother and Sister German Calva were back distributing Agapao tablets after receiving their shipment in September. They were visiting the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.


7 - Mexico

A shipment of Agapao tablets arrived to Brother Francisco Viramontes for Northern Mexico. Upon receiving, our brother went straight away visiting churches in the local area who wanted to receive a visit from VGR and the Agapao tablets.




1 - Australia

Coloring some of the Creations worksheets.


North America


1 - United States


The young people in Jeffersonville working on some of the recent Creations worksheets.



The believers in Sierra Vista, Arizona recently held a Creations class on “Pray Like Amram” and also some others working on worksheets.


New Mexico

The young people in Las Cruces recently attended a Creations class for a project.


2 - Canada

Two families in Canada got together to participate in some of the Creations activities.


3 - Canada

Working on some Creations worksheets.