About The Father’s Business

If you regularly watch this website, then you see quite a few reports concerning the microSD cards. These little gems have changed the face of much of our missionary work. The amount it costs us to produce one microSD card is about the same as to print 125 sermon books. However, instead of 125 printed sermons, the card can hold all the translated audio in that language, one year of English audio, all the text sermons in both English and that language, pictures, Message Search software, and sometimes even more. Plus, shipping is much faster and far less expensive.

Even with all this packed into a tiny piece of plastic about the size of half a postage stamp, how many people out in the bush can really put this to use? Nowadays, most people now have access to mobile phones, and a large percentage of those mobile phones have a spot for these cards. Further, many overseas electronic music players come equipped with an SD or USB slot. A USB adapter included in the package makes the microSD card functional in almost every computer.

The following is a distribution report from Brother Samu, VGR office manager in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He and his team recently traveled over 2,000 miles in Ivory Coast to deliver this precious cargo to the Bride of Christ.

Here is their report…

In all the Church Ages, we can say that we, the Bride of the Laodicea Age, are the most privileged people. We are certainly the only Church Age to have the Message of the messenger recorded for us to hear for ourselves. Thus, we are really enjoying the technology that was not existent in the past. Malachi 4 is now available like never before. Anytime, anywhere, we can have access to the precious words of the prophet of the hour.

I am convinced that the inventors and makers of the microSD card had something else in mind, but the hand of our Heavenly Father was behind this technology. This card is now a tool to distribute the Message.

We certainly rejoiced in our VGR office in Abidjan, when we received four hundred microSD cards containing the sermons of our precious prophet in audio form and PDF files; what a blessing! What an innovation it is to have the messages translated in French by VGR, and pictures and videos about the prophetic ministry of the end time on this microSD card. We don’t know how to thank the Lord for this new asset at our disposal for our own edification, and for evangelization. These microSD cards we received were intended for the Bride of Christ in Abidjan, and across Ivory Coast.

Each of the French microSD cards contain:

  • French Audio files – 165
  • Lingala Audio files – 19
  • English Audio files – 63 (1965)
  • French PDF files – 195
  • Lingala PDF files – 45
  • English PDF files – 1208
  • Video – 3 ENG Twentieth Century Prophet, Chicago Campaign, and Deep Calleth
  • Video – 3 FRN Twentieth Century Prophet, Chicago Campaign, and Deep Calleth
  • Video – 3 LIN Twentieth Century Prophet, Chicago Campaign, and Deep Calleth
  • Pictures – 16
  • The Table Software

With this in mind, we traveled some 2,050 miles (3,300 km) across the country in order to reach certain provinces and meet our brothers and sisters in Christ, and to distribute to them this great treasure contained in this little gem: The Message of the hour, which changes the life of men.

We went first to Daloa, passing through the city of Yamoussoukro, our capital (about 137 miles (220 km) from my house), and the city of Bouaflé, 31 miles (50 km) from Yamoussoukro. In all these places, we distributed microSD cards. The brothers and sisters we met on that side of the country were happy to receive this precious material, and asked God to bless each who had a part in such a blessing.

Then, we visited the village of Djemissikro, in the south-east of Ivory Coast, at 115 miles (185 km) from Abidjan and 12.5 miles (20 km) from the main border of Ghana. The brothers and sisters of the surrounding towns and villages joined us for this occasion. We also set up a table to showcase our books like the Church Ages, the Seven Seals, the Seventy Weeks of Daniel, Adoption, the Church, and the Holy Spirit. It was a blessed day and also very rewarding. On the way back, we stopped in Grand-Bassam, which is 19 miles (30 km) from Abidjan, to distribute cards to these few families living in this quiet little town.

Finally, ten days later, we distributed cards in Grand-Lahou, at about 75 miles (120 km) in the south of Ivory Coast. For the occasion, other villages from around came and joined us. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. We could only notice joy and satisfaction from the believers.

The believers of the towns and villages we met definitely welcomed these cards with much happiness and great joy. Also, the distribution of cards in Ivory Coast is a real success since many people own Android mobile phones, laptops and PCs, allowing them to easily use the content of the cards we gave out. The only regret is that we did not have enough for everybody.

Lord willing, in a near future, we are thinking about pursuing the distribution to other towns and villages. We need your prayers and more cards in order to meet the needs of the Bride of Christ living in Ivory Coast, and who not only believes, but is attached to the words of the prophet of the hour.

May God bless you!

Brother Eric Samu

VGR Ivory Coast