That Was It

For many of us, the loss of hearing would be the very worst of all cases. The thought of never being able to hear God’s Voice is almost unimaginable, but not for this sister. The whole reason we listen to those tapes is to put our faith in action. Today, it might be our hearing. Tomorrow, it might be our Rapture!

Good afternoon Brothers and Sisters,

I have attached both audiogram tests completed. One was in February 8, 2017 and the other one was done today July 24, 2017.

In the middle of January 2017, I woke up early one morning with no feeling in the left side of my face. As the day progressed it got better, and then the next day I woke up with both my ears feeling like they were full of water. This remained for a few more days and then the trouble really started. My right ear remained water logged and my left ear had minimal hearing, and it became so sensitive to sound that anything above a whisper hurt. All this trouble started on the same day we finally got up some billboards that the devil had been blocking our every move on for months.

I went in to see a doctor (while on holidays), and he gave me steroids hoping that this might resolve the issue. He said the ear looked just fine, he couldn’t see any fluid buildup or anything to be causing this for me, but being that I had been through a fairly extensive sinus surgery a couple of months earlier and I had been on and off of steroids and antibiotics for close to a year while I waited on x-ray, CT scans, a diagnosis and then surgery, and being that I had suffered with so many infections, he suggested if this didn’t work to check back to my ENT surgeon for help.

I took the medication and it didn’t help at all. I came back home, visited with my primary doctor, saw the ENT and he could see nothing wrong, so he requested for the audiology test to be performed. The audiologist insisted that I get immediate medical assistance after she first tested me, as she told me that this was usually permanent and not treatable, but in the unlikely event that it was treatable I needed to get it treated immediately. The result was very unusual because my high pitched hearing was not as greatly affected, but it was my low pitch that was deteriorating rapidly. I ended up seeing three doctors, an ENT, and an audiologist with no one understanding what the problem was and no one knowing what treatment to start me on. The ENT finally said just to come back in two weeks for another evaluation.

I left the doctor’s office, and spoke with my family and some Christian friends asking for prayer. My daughters told me they would write in a prayer request to the Branham Tabernacle. That Wednesday night we streamed in, and I just claimed my healing. Over the next few weeks my hearing got so much worse.

If I put in my left ear bud all I heard were words that were completely garbled. From that, it changed to words sounding like they were in slow motion and these distortions caused my other ear to hear poorly, and then changed to having an echo or a rebound in my ear. If I went out into public and there was any type of background noise, it just about drove me crazy.

All I could think about was if I lost my hearing I would never hear another tape, and it was at this point I just started desperately praying and asking for perfect hearing. I realized right then how much my hearing meant to me because what a privilege it is to hear the Voice of God speaking directly to me, and how much I take it for granted.

In the middle of February I was listening to a tape and I heard Bro. Branham talk to me and call out my problem.

How do you do? My sister, I see you... That's not natural for your color, is it? Are we strangers to each other? Do you believe me to be His prophet? You do.

That's caused by medicine. You've took some kind of a medicine for nose or something another... You was putting drops in your nose for sinus trouble, is that right? And it's caused this condition to come: poisoning, is that right? God bless you. Come here.

Lord God, heal the woman. I lay hands upon her and bless her for her healing. May it all leave her, the color leave, the poison go out. And may she be normal again in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Get a picture like you are now, and then get a picture after it leaves and send it to me. All right.

Let's say "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."--Ed.]

53-0614E I Perceive That Thou Art A Prophet

That was IT. I knew it was over and I just testified to that. One night while sleeping I saw a name of a tape (Investments) and the date of it flashing before in my dream, but by the time I woke up I could only recall the name of the tape. I searched through the Table and found there are five tapes with that title, and I was taking no chances and I just started listened to them all.

I refused to look at the symptoms and came in to Jeffersonville for the Seals. The first weekend, I had such a hard time hearing because every sound was magnified, so I had to put in special ear plugs that reduced the volume to my ears but I just kept on holding on. Each subsequent weekend the devil tried to afflict me with everything from hives to migraines and each weekend, I just kept on pressing on. People would ask me how it was and my testimony was, “I am so thankful for the Lord healing me, and it is better today than it was the day before.”

Today, I have went back to the same audiologist again, and I have the first report and the finished result. Oh yes, God answers prayers and I have been restored to perfect hearing. The audiologist looked confused at the result because she said that I presented with hearing loss consistent to nerves in my ear dying, and that there is nothing that can be done to help. She asked me if the doctors gave me any medication or diagnosis and I said, “No, the doctors gave me nothing, they couldn’t explain it and the only solution they presented was to wait a couple of weeks and come back in.”


I told the audiologist how much worse my hearing actually got over the course of the next few weeks, and that when she initially tested me, things were not as bad as they eventually progressed to. I said to her that I was a Christian and the only thing I knew to do was to pray, and that is what I did. She got very quiet and she just kept on looking at the results puzzled, and finally said she was so happy to see this result because what she classified as nerve endings dying, medically can never be restored, and here she held in her hand proof that I had perfect hearing. She kept looking at her results over and over with a very puzzled look.

I asked how much I owed for the test to be repeated and she said, “Nothing, you don’t owe us nothing for this.”

I promised the Lord I would testify for the world to know what an awesome God we serve. He is always there in a time of trouble and best of all, He restored my hearing back to perfection so that I can hear a tape load every day. I also want to thank the Saints for praying for me, God has answered prayers!

Sis. Darlene Clements

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