Kongwe Hills - Youth Meeting

And if something happens to me and God takes me out of this earth, don’t you never fail. Remember this with all your heart: stay with that Word! Don’t you leave that Word!

64-0823e Questions And Answers #2

Brother Saidi, VGR office manager in Malawi, sends us another report of the believers in Dowa again assembling at this very special place of fellowship. Close to 300 young people from around the region gathered in the Kongwe hills to worship and unite around the things of God.

On September 22, it was a great day for the youth around Dowa, Kasungu, Mponela, Salima, and parts of Lilongwe districts.

The Malawi VGR team was scheduled to hold a Sunday tape service in a newly built church for a group that usually likes to go and worship God on top of Kongwe hills.

Part of the schedule was that the youth would have a special day to listen to the preaching of the prophet prior to the Sunday service. The youth drummed support of friends from the surrounding districts. The VGR team drew the whole plan for the day.

As the clock ticked 9:00 in the morning, the VGR team was already on the site and started assembling the equipment, getting ready for this special meeting. And the same time the youth started coming in, others were coming on motorcycles, some on foot, and others were coming in hired trucks. The weather was perfectly suitable for the event; It was all awesome.

To set the ball rolling, Brother Saidi made some welcoming remarks, and thanked the youth for their commitment, and more especially their respect for the Message of the hour, and the hunger to listen to the only thoroughly vindicated prophet of our day, the Voice that would give the Bride the Rapturing Faith.

Led by Brother Paul, the group sang unto the Lord, and thereafter, Brother Branham was introduced to preach to the youth the Message entitled 59-0712 "A Total Deliverance."

We had close to 300 youth that gathered on top of this Kongwe Hill, and they happily sat on the rocks and on the tree leaves. As the prophet was preaching it was a solemn assembly; some of the youth were busy writing down some nuggets from the prophet.

It was one of the rare occasions, and it was a blessing.

As soon as the prophet finished preaching, it was a time of worship before they were dispersed for a Quiet Time. Naturally the place is conducive for the Quiet Time and I believe when God was creating it, He had this in mind.

The trees, the mountains, the vegetation, the stillness, etc., created a good environment for the Quiet Time. After the Quiet Time, the youth went back to the assembly place, and as usual it was a worship time. The Quiet Time indeed changed the entire course of the week-end for all that attended.

Come Sunday at church, it was like a continuation of what we had with the youth on top of the Kongwe hills.

Testimonies are still pouring in of the great weekend that God created around the tape services.

Thank you and God bless you all, we believe this will be a blessing to you.

Malawi VGR team