Blood Moon Feedback

The last of the lunar tetrad was visible Sunday night and Monday morning, September 27-28 in many places around the world. Not only was it a spectacular sign above most of the world, but it was the first one visible in the land of Israel, appearing in the pre-dawn hours on Monday morning. And like the previous three lunar eclipses, it fell on the first day of a biblical feast, this time on the Feast of Tabernacles.

We posted a series of four articles on the blood moons and the pope’s visits during the previous week: Four Blood Moons, Constantine, Vicar Of Christ, and Feast Of Tabernacles. Not only did we receive more visits to branham.org than any time in history, but we also got some great feedback. The Bride is excited about the signs we are seeing both on earth and in the heavens!

There were far too many feedbacks to post in this article, but here are a few representative messages we received from our friends around the world.

I feel a revival in my heart and I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit drawing me nearer to the image of Christ through this Precious Message of our prophet.

I have followed the blood moons and watched the events before, during, and after the blood moons. This put things together in a way that was clear to me. With all the research I did, and all the explanations from the different experts, rabbis and scholars, none has come anywhere close to VGR's, as good as they all were. Your explanation and the laying out of it in such simplicity, really hit the spot for me.

This morning, 28 SEP 2015 at 5:15AM, when I woke up, I saw the eclipse of the moon. I ran back into the house to wake the kids, and also make a call to a brother so we could observe the event.

Time lapse of the Blood Moon taken by a VGR employee in Jeffersonville

I watched this eclipse as much as I could in awe that I was privileged to do so with my brothers and sisters around the world. Knowing that it was a significant moment for the Bride of Christ, I couldn't help but feel awestruck, elated, blessed to be part of this moment in time with you.

It’s a real blessing and I realize the believers are feeling the pressure of what’s coming.

Wow, let me say something, I have never felt so close in my life than at these moments with my brothers and sisters who truly believe this Message.

Thank you for explaining it in a way that a common man like me could understand.

This whole pope business has had me pretty sick to my stomach, but as soon as I read about the billboard in Philadelphia, a huge smile took over my face. I just can't contain the joy at seeing that standard raised up against the enemy, and the opportunity to witness to hundreds of thousands.

Wow, that is SO awesome about that billboard! I had to gleefully laugh at what great impact that may have! Even if ONE person looks up themessage.com from the billboard, they will be given a chance of their life to gain Eternal Life! This is very informative. I enjoyed this very much.

Thank you! There is much to digest. Amazing!

I appreciate this information. I have been in the Message all my life but every since I have been married and had children, I have thirst for more information to guide my children in this evil age. Also, for me to be in His will as Christian. Thanks again.

Thank you for these articles about the current events. We have been reading each one with great expectation and interest. Actually, the first "blood moon" article you posted was very helpful to me. A close family member who is a Christian, but doesn't believe the Message of the hour, for the first time asked me last week, "What does your church think about current events?" It was quite an opening, as she has never asked a question like that before.

We can't help but feel sick inside that the pope is here, and is being given such status. But at the same time we are so excited at what is happening with the Bride of Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for taking time to put this information here. It really helps our spiritual understanding, seeing it all laid out in one place. It also encourages us to share it with our friends who are not believers.

I went to work listening to the message, “The Third Exodus.” As I arrived at work, I listened for a few more minutes and then turned my truck off. I took my phone to see what was new on the website. As I read and got to the part where the quote from The Third Exodus was, I thought, "That sounds familiar." I switched the ignition back on in the truck and Brother Branham started speaking exactly where I was reading! What are the chances? At the exact time I was reading, the same tape, the same quote, and the same subject I have been studying for some time. I feel like I could jump through the roof!

This article helped me to understand the 666 thing a lot more. I heard Bro. Branham speak of it before, but it was never so plain to me as it is now. We are living in the end times. Truly nature also witnesses when the Supernatural is doing something. Thank God for His Word that we are not blind, and misled by denominations and organized religion.

Thank you so much for explaining the numbering attributed to the pope. I have always wondered about the non-roman numerals.

I knew what the Latin meant, but did not know how the 666 was added. Oh, I am so thankful for God's prophet bringing the Word to His Bride. The end is so near, and I pray we will all be ready. I need your prayers now more than ever.

Thank you for the enlightenment, it has charged my conviction. The other amazing thing is it’s a 6 day visit. He stays with his numbers.

BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD! What’s taking place now is almost too much to grasp, but God truly has a spiritual system, under a prophet, ready to come down, to speak to the people. My heart goes out to everyone who claims to believe this Message are ignoring what God is doing right now!

I'm learning so much! I can't wait for the next one! It's so wonderful seeing all these things take place!

It's a glorious time, yet a sobering time. Be ready!

I strongly believe that God is performing His actions in His time promptly.

We surely are living in the last hours. I can't thank God enough for this Message, our tie post. When the entire world is wondering at these things happening, we surely are living in a serious time.

First of all, I want to thank you for sharing these important blogs like this one with us. Brother Branham did say, "If you want to know what time we're living in watch the Jews.” Just to see all this come together and the coordination of the events is exciting, glorious, and so wonderful. The Message is like reading yesterday’s newspaper, because its already happened by prophecy.

Our little group here in Denmark are watching, praying and waiting. So many things are happening and we are excited about what God is doing!

What a great time for God's Bride, and a dreadful time for the religious world. I thank God for sending His prophet Messenger that told us all the Truth, and we are not deceived. Surely this is the final moment in the Gentile dispensation, for the handwriting is on the wall and it spells Ichabod for this country. God have mercy. Lord, hide us in the Rock Christ Jesus, for the fearful judgments of God are waiting in the wings.