Audio Live Translation

A little under 6 months ago, VGR released the groundbreaking new Table App update containing new smaller audio files with live Message translations in every available language. Since then, there have been 27.5 million of these Message files downloaded on over 338,000 devices around the world. That's over 4.5 million downloads each month, and the number continues to climb. More and more we are seeing just how many people worldwide have mobile devices they are using to play the Message of God's prophet. Where phone users were once the minority in poorer countries, now the tides have turned, and even the poorest of countries offer phones and internet resources for people even in remote areas. For that reason, VGR continues to push forward supplying more and more resources to make the Message available on as many devices as possible, to reach as many believers as possible, whether they have smart phones, laptops, or a simple flip phone.

Just this week, VGR released a major update. We replaced all of the translated gapped audio files with new live translation M4A files on branham.org, on the Branham Tabernacle website, the foreign YF tape quiz messages, and on themessage.com. These avenues are a big resource to a lot of believers, as there are nearly 20,000 believers visiting the Message audio page on branham.org alone each month. This means, these believers will now have the same live translation sermons as the The Table app users. This includes the 1,400 new translations that were recorded in 53 languages since we launched Omega Studio.

Another added bonus, is the live translation files are over 50% smaller in size than the previous gapped files, so this will save a considerable amount of space on devices that are limited in space, allowing them to fit more sermons on their phones.

For our overseas believers, we also released SD cards with these same M4A live translation audio files. These cards are for phones that can't download the Table App as these files do not work on the Table App but can be used in nearly any mobile device around the world that holds an SD card.

We are thankful to Father that in these last days, He truly is drawing His Bride ever closer together to His Word, as we feast on the Message of the Hour.

Here is a link to the branham.org audio page where you can download all of these new sermons.

If you have a smartphone or laptop, you can bulk download all of the live translation audio files at one time through the Table App. Click HERE to download the App.