Tape Boys

Deep in the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo a portion of God’s Great Machine is moving silently but effectively to the predestinated Royal Seed of Abraham. A few “Tape boys” have been slipping in and out of the villages, doing their part to catch as many as Father has given with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With little notice, and no one patting them on the back, these brothers have one goal: Get the Message to their people at all costs.

We may not be able to join them in the harsh and unforgiving jungles of Africa during their next distribution trip, but your continued prayers are what these gallant men desire most.

Here is the report of a pocket of Tapeboys in central Africa.

Towards the beginning of 2016, we made a missionary trip to the village of Nzombi, which is 350 km east from the capital of the DRC, Kinshasa, toward the new province of Kwilu near the town of Kikwit.

Due to a need felt by the missionary Dona Kiyungu who used to visit the area as part of his work as a businessman, where he also took advantage of these trips to promote the ministry of Malachi 4 by distributing tracts, CTV newspapers, and other materials. He contacted a tapeboy by the name of Popaul Bute to show videos and play tapes in this area in order to establish the vision.

On the first trip that our beloved brother Popaul undertook to Nzombi where he was expected by Lucien, a pastor of a small church in that village, there were presentations of the videos such as the Twentieth Century Prophet, the Deep Called To The Deep, as well as other related videos on what the Lord is doing with the ministry of VGR, like the Still Waters videos, Quiet Time, Young foundation and videos like “How We Do It” at VGR.

Following this short work, Nzombi produced in a short time tangible results. Indeed, young people in the village who used to listen to the some popular “Christian” songs using their mobile device, they had changed their “diet” and started listening to the recorded VOICE.

So now, every time they meet, it is around the voice Malachi 4. Please see the attached where young men united with a small radio beside them. With this experience in Nzombi, Pastor Lucien, our host, has resolved to have the VOICE heard to the other various nearby villages which names are: Kibangu, Kitshamangu, Kinzieta, Bukamba and others in the region.

During this trip we promised to all the precious souls, won by just playing the Voice for the first time in their lives, that we will do our best to bring radios to them to be strengthened in this voice of Malachi 4.

Sometime later, we were again back in the area for more missionary work, starting with village of Nzombi. We brought with us more equipment (radios, power units) to give to all those places we had made the promise to them, so that they can continue to listen with their own ears the voice of the messenger of our age.

After this distribution, we resolved to go to the other side of the river to the village Nzambi Zola, where one of our precious sisters lives. She used to walk about eight hours round trip through the jungle to worship with us. She was once attacked by robbers on the roads she traveled, but the Lord had rescued her by the help of a few passersby’s. Praise the Lord.

To reach the other shore of the river, the only way to travel is by canoe. Unfortunately, during this time of the season, there were none to be found. This prompted the brothers to construct a canoe out of a large tree for the cause of the Gospel. They had to spend a week in the forest in order to have this means of transport across the river to continue on.

After reaching Nzambi Zola, we made an evangelization campaign where there were 18 people who had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior were baptized.

When we arrived at the different places, we realized that there was a real need of translating the Message in the local dialect. In fact, no one was able to follow the prophet in the languages of French and Lingala which were the translate sermons we had in our possession. To remedy that, we were led to introduce a third translator and stop the tape every time to allow the translation to take place. This is what was done the village of Kinzeita, when listening to the preaching of, “The Rejected King.” The prophet was being translated in the dialect of Kingongo for the first time, while in other villages, it was in Kikongo which is one of the four national languages of DRC, along with Lingala, Swahili, and Ciluba.

In the coming days, we plan to revisit these villages and go even further to other places that we could not previously reach. Here they speak a local dialect called Kisuku. We solicit your prayers to carry out this work to introduce the prophet in the jungle, and to continue his ministry in Africa.

We get in, it'll dig up the lives of those great men back in there, how they sacrificed. You'll see how little you've done. Makes me feel ashamed of myself sometimes, how we have to have everything so easy, and they had everything so hard. "Wandered about," Paul said in Hebrews 11, "in sheepskins and goatskins, tormented and afflicted, destitute." What will our testimony stand up beside of theirs? How will it be up beside of that? And we have to have everything so nice.

60-1204M The Revelation Of Jesus Christ