Month In Pictures

Here are some pictures from our representatives around the world.



1 - Cameroon

Some brothers traveled to the village of Mbakomo in Cameroon for a several day evangelistic campaign. For many of the people it was the first time hearing God’s prophet.


2 - Cameroon

Some brothers and sisters in Kod-evodo, Cameroon gathered on several occasions to take part in various Creations activities.


3 - Cameroon

Bro. Brayane Nahum had an evangelization trip in the east part of Cameroon in several villages. The converts asked for more services and there were souls that were baptized!


4 - Cameroon

Many brothers and sisters in Cameroon enjoyed taking part in various Creations classes.


5 - Cameroon

Brother Tabe Stanley, our VGR librarian in Kumba, Cameroon recently went on a missionary trip to Tombel, Cameroon.


6 - Cameroon

In the beginning of this month, a group of believers from Cameroon got together at the Kumba VGR Office. The sisters and children did Creations and Crown & Glory activities while the brothers were fishing.


7 - Cameroon

Creations classes in Cameroon on “Speak the Word” and “The Stature Of A Perfect Man.”


8 - Republic Of Congo

Here are some pictures of the youth in Nzassi, Congo Brazzaville listening to the YF Tape quiz and participating in some activities that are centered around the Word.


9 - Republic Of Congo

Many youth gathered in Pointe Noire to participate in a Creations activity.


10 - Republic Of Congo

Sisters in Congo Brazzaville doing their Creations worksheets.


11 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

A Christian youth camp centered around the Word was recently held in Lubumbashi, DRC. The theme of the camp was Anchored In Christ.


12 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

Youth from Kinshasa, DRC recently participated some Creations activities.


13 - Gabon

Some believers in Libreville, Gabon gathered to participate in Creations activities.


14 - Gabon

We received some wonderful pictures of the brothers and sisters in Gabon that participated in the Mysterious Cloud Creations activity.


15 - Gabon

Here are some pictures of brothers and sisters taking part in several different Creations activities.


16 - Gabon

A few families in Gabon gathered together in October to have a Creation class and to listen to the YF Tape quiz, Questions and Answers.


17 - Gabon

A wedding was recently held at the VGR library in Liberville, Gabon. The ceremony took place in a replica of the cabin Brother Branham was born in.


18 - Ivory Coast

Here are some pictures of some of the youth in the Ivory Coast that recently participated in a Creations project.


19 - Kenya

Agapao Tablet distribution in Kenya.


20 - Malawi

Tape service in Malawi church.




1 - India

Beautiful worksheets from a sister in India.


2 - India

From September 6th through the 9th of this year, Missionary Brothers visited various provinces of Orissa. They introduced the prophet’s message to several new churches. Many new Believers accepted the Lord Jesus and His endtime Message. The Brothers also visited established Message churches and strengthened the Believers in the Word. The Brothers took their Tablet and played the Voice of God to these precious Saints.


3 - Pakistan

Brother Shamoon Yaqoob and the Pakistan office providing for the believers in Pakistan who were affected by the floods.


4 - Philippines

Brother Jeremiah and the Philippines staff on their Agapao distribution trips through Bohol and Cebu.




1 - Australia

This little brother in Australia did a great job on his tape journaling and Red Letter Day worksheet!


Mexico & Central America


1 - El Salvador

Worksheets, journaling and “The Token” Creations project in El Salvador!


2 - Guatemala

Photos from some of our young brothers and sisters in Guatemala!


3 - Mexico

Brother and Sister Calva were distributing tablets in the states of Oaxaca, Tabasco and Veracruz in the month of October.


South America


1 - Argentina

Tablet distribution continues in Argentina.


2 - Bolivia

Brothers Francisco Viramontes and Fernando Sanchez from VGR Mexico was in La Paz, Bolivia assisting Brother Juan Tarqui, the VGR distributor. 800 people attended the Agapao presentation and tape service on Sunday morning. 280 tablets were distributed.


3 - Bolivia

Brothers Francisco Viramontes and Fernando Sanchez from VGR Mexico was in Santa Cruz, Bolivia assisting Brother Juan Tarqui, the VGR distributor. There was a big group of people that attended the Agapao presentation and tape service on Sunday morning. 80 tablets were distributed.


4 - Brazil

Some of the young Cubs in Brazil enjoying their Creations worksheets!


5 - Colombia

Many believers in Colombia have been working on the Creations woodshop project, “Token.” They’ve also been keeping up with their Red Letter Day worksheets!


6 - Ecuador

The believers in Ecuador have been busy with their Creations activities this month! Enjoy these photos of their worksheets and “Token” projects.


7 - Guyana

This church in Guyana recently obtained a printer and they put it right into action, supplying their little lambs with journaling pages! Also, enjoy pictures of young believers with their worksheets and “Speak the Word” shirts.


8 - Guyana

Brother Paul Ross (VGR Guyana) and Brother Felix Dickson (VGR Trinidad) traveled to the south of Guyana visiting the villages of Toka and Rupunao. The mission of the trip was to install a solar panel charge station that would be able to charge several Agapao tablets at one time, tablet distribution to new families.


9 - Paraguay

Our young friends in Paraguay have been keeping up with their Creations projects, journaling and Red Letter Day worksheets!


10 - Peru

Brothers Francisco Viramontes and Fernando Sanchez from VGR Mexico, traveled to Peru from Bolivia while assisting there in the Agapao tablet distribution. Brother Roger Rojas, VGR office manager and distributor for Peru, was happy to spend a couple days with the brothers learning more about the Agapao tablet distribution and receiving training on the tablets themselves. 2000 Agapao tablets are scheduled to arrive on November 10th.


11 - Trinidad

Enjoy these photos of what some of the young believers in Trinidad have been up to this month!


12 - Venezuela

This Sunday school class in Venezuela enjoyed their “Are You A Rider?” and “Caribou and Grizzly” worksheets!


North America


1 - United States

Still Waters

The seasons are changing in the Jeffersonville area, and the fall leaves at Still Waters have been breathtaking this year! As always, the brothers out at SW are busy keeping the lake in excellent condition.



It’s been one Red Letter Day after another for the kids in Jeffersonville! Enjoy these pictures of their recent Creations worksheets!



The Creations classes from Tucson and Sierra Vista, AZ recently came together for a joint class. It’s easy to see from the pictures that it was a success! We love seeing these smiling faces, and we know you will too!



This little sister and brother in Alaska enjoyed doing their Red Letter Day worksheets!


2 - Canada

Here are some pictures of recent baptisms that took place at the "Lac Simon" Indian reservation in the province of Quebec, Canada.


3 - Canada

These young brothers in Canada are doing a GREAT job keeping up with their journaling and worksheets!