Thy Right Hand Saved Me

This article is being reposted, as it was originally published in 2017.

7 Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.

Psalm 138:7

Hundreds of people are attacked and killed by crocodiles every year in Africa. The predator lays in wait just under the surface until his prey is close enough for an ambush attack. He then grabs his victim with some of the most powerful jaws in the animal kingdom and drags it into the depths to drown. There is almost no escape once the croc sinks his teeth in and gets the victim into the deep.

This young brother was fishing when a killer croc grabbed him by the leg and ripped him into the muddy water. Then, the impossible happened. The following was sent from a brother in Tanzania. 

Brother Simon Mungure is a young Message believer and game warden who works with Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, in a station known as Miguruwe. This Game Reserve is located in the Eastern zone, lying within two regions: Morogoro and Lindi. It is the largest Game Reserve in Africa.

On November 6th, 2016 Brother Simon and other four game wardens were on patrol, and around 11 a.m. they decided to do some fishing at a certain spot in order to get meat for their lunch.

They got into the muddy water, not knowing that there was a crocodile also hunting for something to eat in their neighborhood. As Brother Simon threw the net to the water, the crocodile also threw his big teeth into Brother Simon’s leg and arm. Something allowed Brother Simon to quickly get his leg and arm out of the crocodile's mouth, and he pulled himself out of the water, crying “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” God worked a miracle and forced the hungry crocodile to let it go of both his arm and his leg, but the brother still sustained some painful damage. He made it to the shore and laid on the sands with great pains, heavily bleeding, but praising God for rescuing him from the mouth of crocodile and certain DEATH.


The other wardens also ran quickly out of the water, towards Simon to see what they could do to help him. From that disaster area, the distance to the camp is about 135km, and they had no transport. Two of them stayed with Simon, while the other two walked to seek for network for phone communication which is found at a distance of 5 km away. Finally, they succeeded to convey the message to the camp through the mobile phone.

Wildlife management sent an ambulance which took Brother Simon to Miguruwe Ward hospital for first aid, and later to a more advanced hospital at a place called Kilwa Kivinje on the coast of the Indian Ocean. While on the way to Kilwa Kivinje, Brother Simon then asked for his phone and painfully called a brother, requesting him for prayers. Fortunately, the network here was good so he managed to get through. This brother did not only pray but also wrote a broadcast message and sent it to brethren for a prayer request for the healing of Brother Simon. This circulated through messages, and in no time a big number of believers were praying over the common issue, the healing for Simon. Meanwhile, in the ambulance, Brother Simon started feeling better, pains decreasing gradually: the power of prayers! Jesus came, all the pain stopped! Brother Simon was able to rest and fell asleep.

 They arrived at the hospital at 3.30 pm. Doctors and other hospital workers were all surprised of this miracle of escape from the hungry crocodile, that it would let the leg and arm go in a very simple manner like that after it had sunk its teeth in. They said that this testimony is unheard of, never heard before of a person caught by a crocodile and set free. Brother Simon is undergoing a very quick recovery, and the devil's plans are defeated. When admitted to the hospital, Brother Simon was testifying about the Message of the hour to other patients in the ward. He is now discharged from the hospital undergoing a quick recovery from the wounds.


We thank the Lord for this wonderful, miraculous protection of our precious brother, proving that Jesus is still Hebrews 13:8!

Brother Wilfred Mbise