Zimbabwe Office Kids' Day

The Zimbabwe office hosted a group of the local 12-15 year-old youth. Below is the report of what this special day meant to them.

Beautiful sunshine ushered in the much awaited 12-15 yr old Kids Day at the local Zimbabwe VGR office. The little lambs gathered in, wearing faces beaming with excitement.

We had one of the young brothers offer a word of prayer to start off our morning. This was followed by a couple of songs and introductions, each person standing up to say their full name.

Next on the program was the "Tape Game" whereby each team had a member who acts out a title of the sermon they'd pick out from a hat. Each team had to interpret the actions and speak out the sermon title that their member was acting or gesturing, within a set time. This was fun!

The most important part of the day was the tape listening time. After singing "Only Believe" the young believers settled down to listen to the sermon 63-0601 "Come Follow Me." It was such a blessed moment, as the little brothers and sisters sat and listened attentively to the Voice promised to them today. Brother Branham prayed for all of us at the end of that service.

Following the tape, a group quiz was taken and the winners were awarded with some Young Foundations mementos. Food and drinks were served and the nourishment was received with happiness and enjoyment! This was followed by some games, which were thoughtfully laid out and thoroughly enjoyed to the very last bit.

As we were coming to a conclusion, we once again met indoors to sing some songs of Zion, thanking God for the wonderful day and tremendous time He had given us! Thus the closing prayer was offered, and it was the unfortunate moment of parting to go to our different homes.

It certainly was a red-letter day to the young believing army. Their eyes glittered with enlightenment from being energized, especially spiritually, by the rekindled fire in their hearts!

Much appreciation to Brother Joseph Branham for his continuous efforts in availing opportunities for refuge for the youth in this dark and treacherous Laodicea. We also give many thanks to the parents who allowed their children to attend and participate on this special day.

May God bless you!