The Call

The Malawi Tapeboys are back at it, going into the villages, singing a few songs, and broadcasting the Voice to all that are willing to hear.

We recently received the following report from Brother Saidi, VGR office manager in Malawi. He and the team are at the Father’s business, scattering the net once again. This time a local market is the location for the team to set up their outreach.  It is a market that is familiar to the people there, of calls by their local chief. This time it was a greater call: the call of a Voice to come up higher, the Voice of God to this generation.

Mpemba Market is located in the outskirts of Blantyre City. It takes a rigorous one-hour drive up and down hills to get to the small remote market, which acts as a convergence for the people around the area.

Whenever the chief of the area wants to address his subjects, he summons them to congregate at this same small market place.

The VGR tape outreach team found this location ideal for a tape outreach meeting and let the people of the area hear the Voice of God through His prophet, Brother William Branham.

On Thursday afternoon, soon after lunch break, the team left the VGR offices loaded with all tape outreach equipment. Immediately upon arrival, we assembled our equipment. Like a magnet, music playing from our equipment started attracting people from surrounding areas. In no time, the crowd swelled. This was the first time the people around this area had witnessed such a kind of arrangement.

After the singing, it was now time for what we had come for: the prophet of the hour. The Voice Of God through His prophet, Brother William Branham, was invited to come forth and preach again to the people of Africa.

A tape, "The Serpent Seed," was played.

The noise-free stereo sound from the state-of-the-art speakers was awe-inspiring. A direct Message searching for the lost souls. Little surprise that after the tape stopped and the altar call was made, 11 souls surrendered themselves to be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise God.... we are still searching for the last one to come into the fold.

God bless you.

Brother Saidi

VGR Malawi