His Banners A Waving

The Norway team sends us news of their recent outreach in the capital city of Oslo this past holiday season. They spent the day waving the banners and spreading the Light to show the true meaning of Christmas.

Here is their report.

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

This was the very first time we used the big banners in Oslo. Of course, we were exicted and looking forward to this. We were so glad to know that so many believers were praying for this missionary trip. The team started early in the morning, and we made everything ready for this special day.

We found a good place near the subway/train station to set up the big banners and the table with the witness cards. We also set up the tape recorder and played the Voice of the prophet.

God's boldness filled us, and we were transformed and ready for His mission. It was a success from the very first second we started. We handed out witnessing cards and the two books, The Mystery Of God and The Messenger translated into Norwegian. It was glorious to meet the people and speak with them.

To represent and to present a living Jesus Christ and His Gospel for this age, it's the greatest honour. It was easy for the people to see the banners from every corner. They came from all sides, also the people in the cars, buses, and tramway had a chance to see what was going on. People asked and wondered what all this was about… It was just bubbling in us.

On the backside of one of the witnessing card "Life After," the questions really hit the target:

We handed out this card to a lady that was waiting at the red light to cross the street on her bicycle. She refused to take the card, but as we were reading loud each question on the backside of the card, she turned and said, "I would like to have it." Then it switched from red to green light and the lady went.

After many hours working in the streets, it was time to quit; we had a wonderful time. Four of us took the banners and began to walk down the streets. One brother and two sisters, went around and handed out the witnessing tracts as we were walking with the banners along side them. It was outstanding to see the people’s reactions and the big interest to receive the tracts.

We have no words to describe how wonderful this was, Hallelujah!

This very day, young students, girls and boys, middle-aged, old people, foreigners, rich people, homeless, people out for shopping, buying Christmas gifts and so forth, had by God's grace, a wonderful opportunity to make the real preparation for Christmas: to receive the Heavenly Gift into their heart, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We pray from the depths of our hearts that some of them out there, will one day sing together with the saints,

"I'm so glad that I can say, I'm one of them…!"

May God richly bless you.

Thank you all for your prayers!

Bro. David & Sis. Ellen

The Angels are encamped about; everything's in order. Every wall can be took down. It's already took down. The Son of God goes before us, His banners a waving, and there's nothing can stand in the way of a saint going to meet a promise of God.

59-1121 Thy Seed Shall Possess The Gate Of His Enemy


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