The Garners Are Full

2016 has been busy! Between all of the construction at Still Waters Camp, preparation and work involved in five youth camps, heading out on the road with the Agapao Tour, writing software and manufacturing the Agapao Tablet, and the numerous projects that have kept us busy over the summer; one could think there would be a little less time for the overseas distribution work. Did the missionary work stop or even slow down? 

Certainly not!

God’s Great Machine has been in motion, swiftly but silently providing materials to tens of thousands of families. We would like to share with you an enormous project that we have undertaken in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that is proving to be a blessing beyond measure to the believers there.

In the summer months of July and August, we were able to distribute microSD cards to families in nine different cities, including Kinshasa, Mbuji-Mayi, Lubumbashi, Likasi, Kisangani, Goma, Mbandaka, Matadi, and Boma. To many of us, these city names may sound unfamiliar, but each one of them is the hometown of thousands (yes thousands!) of our brothers and sisters in Christ. For many of these families, the reception of these microSD cards has, for the first time in their lives, given them the ability to hear with their own ears the Message in their own language and in their own homes. Just think of that statement for a moment and imagine the joy of a family sitting in their living room, hearing God's prophet speak to them for the first time. Truly, no words can describe this blessing.

To accomplish such an enormous task, our office manager, Brother Serge Mali, and his assistant, Brother Marcel Muleba, embarked on four different trips to these cities throughout DRC. Below is a portion of their report of the distribution that spans two months.

We, are endlessly grateful to VGR and the supporters around the world to have given us the opportunity to be a part of this distribution tour. This trip, which was the first of its kind in our country, has allowed us to come in contact with many believers and to witness how the people of God are hungry and thirsty to hear the voice of the prophet.

In general, our trips went very well. Brother Marcel and I worked closely in collaboration with the regional office managers in each location. We did everything that we could to distribute as many microSD cards as possible. Everywhere we went there was great expectation and excitement, and many times we found ourselves distributing the material late into the evening.

The believers present at the distribution meetings were very satisfied and happy to receive this precious tool, allowing them to listen to the prophet anytime and anywhere. Problems that arose were resolved quickly, and many new families were able to register to received their microSD card in the next distribution. We are planning on returning to these locations very soon to follow up with the new families. However, there is also a great need to travel to Gemena, Kananga, Tshikapa, Kikwit and also Bukavu, as the saints there have heard about the blessing that the microSD cards have been to their fellow brothers and sisters who have received them. Truly there is much work still to be done.

We are grateful for your prayers, and I can truly say that in all the situations we faced, we could see the hand of the Lord guiding us and helping us make the right decisions. Our sole goal was to put Spiritual Food in Due Season at the disposal of the Bride, like Brother Joseph has so well said in his letter addressed to all attendees of the distribution meetings.

May God bless you all,

Your brother in Christ,

Serge Mali

In total, 8,533 families who had previously signed up to receive the microSD cards were served. These families represent well over 40,000 believers. Also, more than 26,800 additional families submitted their request to receive their microSD cards in the next distribution cycle in these cities alone!

But this is just the beginning; the distribution of these cards has caused such an incredible stir and hunger in the country. We are receiving letter after letter begging us to travel to Bukavu, Kananga, Tshikapa, Kikwit Idiofa, Lisala, Beni, Butembo, Kindu and Bumba (just to name a few), so that believers in those locations can also hear the Voice for themselves.

By God’s Grace, we look forward to satisfying their thirst for The WORD!

Here are just a few of the feedbacks we have received so far from this massive distribution project.

Shalom! Grace and peace be with you in the precious Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Beloved, Saturday August 13, 2016, was a very special day for the people of God living in Matadi! Truly, to see brothers and sisters from different churches and doctrines in the same room, fellowshipping, laughing; in brief: spending glorious moments of communion together during the distribution of this precious material, which is the VGR SD card.

 I don’t have the words to describe you the atmosphere in that room during that event, which lasted only six hours. And until this day, the VGR in Matadi office is packed with people. The brothers and sisters arrive before opening hours. What an enthusiasm we have never seen before!

Brother Caleb Tshitenga, VGR Matadi 

You really helped me with this SD card that you offered me this day, at no charge, so I can be full of the knowledge of the Word of God. May God richly bless you as today I received the SD card by Brother Mali at VGR Kinshasa. 

God richly bless you, your brother in Christ.

Brother Cornelis, from Shekinah Tabernacle, Kinshasa, DRCongo

Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for the grace he granted me to be able to receive a SD card during the distribution in Lubumbashi, DRCongo, on September 7, 2016. Many thanks to Brother Joseph M Branham, Brother Billy-Paul Branham, and the VGR Team, for all they do for the Bride to be able to hear the Voice of God in her day. May God richly bless you, and my prayer is: May God grant the most profound desire of my heart (the Holy Spirit, Wisdom, marriage and a good wife, a stable life consecrated to God, etc…) every time I will listen the voice of God through His prophet W.M. Branham, may this bring the presence of God in my life.

God bless you.

Brother Paul Malaba, Lubumbashi, DRCongo

On July 21, 2016, I had such a thirst to listen to the voice of God on tape, but I had to confront such an opposition from the enemy. My telephone battery was only charged enough to listen to about 20 to 30 minutes of a sermon, it was indicating only 9% of battery power, and the battery was not keeping its charge. I was facing a terrible demon of doubt, which was opposing me from listening to the voice which produces the perfection of the soul.

Because I did not have electricity, I started to be discouraged. I was telling myself to be patient until the electricity would be restored, but despite all this, the thirst to hear the Word was only increasing. Right in the battle (the human mind), I was having a fight and I told myself in my heart that nothing is impossible for God. I had to listen to the voice for more than an hour. I looked at my phone, my SD card given by VGR that I already had installed, I simply took my phone and push play on the sermon “Faith 57-1229”.

As I listened to the tape, my faith was increasing and my phone was still on. To see that supernatural power, I got excited and had a jubilee in my room, and kept listening to the tape for more than an hour. The electricty came back but I kept listening to the sermon without plugging my phone in the electric outlet. I listened to the tape when my phone had no more power for more than an hour, with only 9% of battery power. It is being beyond human understanding, nothing is impossible for God.

Brother Coolman, Lubumbashi, DRCongo

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you for such a praiseworthy gesture to have sent us the Message on SD card. It is this Message that I call sacred, that the Lord has sent us through our prophet William Branham.

May He bless you forever!

Brother Marcel, Soleil Couchant Tabernacle, Equateur, DRCongo

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

I am very satisfied in my heart for the SD cards you sent us. Pray for me, for I live a difficult life, spiritually and materially.

I am in the military in my country, but I love the Lord and His Message.

Thank you very much, and may the Lord bless you.

Brother Mayamoto

I want to sincerely thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the SD card that you sent and that I received on Saturday August 8, 2016, in Mbandaka, in the province of Equator in DRCongo.

My heart is overflowing with joy, for my soul and spirit were starving for this voice of Revelation 10:7, who is the Voice of my creator through His prophet.

My joy is that God, through your ministry, has introduced Malachi 4 and the voice of Revelation 10:7 in my home.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you forever, and may He grant to my house the Life that comes with that Voice!

Brother Bolema, Mbandaka, Equator, DRCongo