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I was standing at a little museum here not long ago, and looking at two boys who were giving… looking on a little card there that said, “The actual weight of a hundred and fifty pound man, and the value of that weight.”

Do you know how much you're worth, if you weight a hundred and fifty pounds? That's the male. You're worth eighty-four cents. That's right. You got just about enough potash in you to… And enough calcium, and a… Just enough of it to sprinkle a hen's nest. And eighty-four cents, and then you put a five hundred dollar mink coat on it, a hat, a hundred dollar suit, turn your nose up; if it would rain you'd drown, and then think you're somebody. What are you? You're worth eighty-four cents.

And you'll go to a restaurant, and you'd pick up a bowl of soup, and it had a fly in it, you'd turn it down that quick. [Brother Branham snapped his fingers—Ed.] “Yes sir, I won't have nothing to do with that. Well, I'll see if the paper knows it, the Chamber of Commerce, what about the president of the restaurant, the owner, what it is?” See, you watch that eighty-four cents. You won't put nothing poison in that, but let the devil pack anything in that soul that he desires to, and that soul's eternal. That's right.

58-0517B Zacchaeus

The following article was originally published on May 17, 2016. It's about time to make sure we are still eating right!

Diets are everywhere these days. Vegetarian diets, low carb diets, low calorie diets, low fats diets, crash diets, detox diets, medical diets, and the list goes on and on. As believers we have a diet for the soul. It’s a proven diet, given by the Great Physician that cures everything from a toothache to cancer. It’ll give you muscles of faith and eyesight of revelation that will far surpass 20/20 vision.

If you need a little change in your diet and are wondering which one to choose, here are some of the benefits of this Whole Food Diet of God’s Spoken Word. 

So I've been on this whole Food diet for a while now. I cut out all the junk "food" and only feast on the whole Word brought by God's prophet.

It's Manna that has been stored up since before I was born, and some people are afraid that it has gone bad. However, I have never felt so refreshed in my life! My vision is 20/20, my faith is stronger than ever (due to my hearing), and while I am feasting on this fresh Manna (it is still very fresh and alive) I feel like I have eagle's wings to soar!

Not only that but it has also been known to cure toothaches, headaches, heart disease, cancer, nervousness, and even raise the dead! If you ask me I'd say you're crazy to try anything else. And the best part? The more you dine, the better you feel!

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