Power In The Voice

God’s creation still recognizes His Voice, and that Voice will always bring life, no matter how, when, or what the situation is.

First of all, I wish to thank VGR in the USA and the VGR India office for providing us with the microSD cards, which contains Tamil messages. Our church (El Shaddai Tabernacle, Chennai, India) was provided with these materials, which contains the precious Word of God. I give thanks to our Lord Jesus for the great burden you have for India. God still does miracles among the Bride in India.

I wish to share this testimony with the Bride of Christ. When I received the microSD card from VGR India office, I immediately started carrying it with me, listening to God's Word wherever I go. One day I visited my relatives in a nearby village not far from Chennai.

My relative had a cow, which was pregnant. All of a sudden it collapsed in a nearby field. We all ran towards it and found it was bitten by a poisonous snake. God is my judge; what I write here is absolute truth.

The cow collapsed with its legs pointed towards the sky, a sure sign that it was dead. My relatives were shocked because their livelihood depended on that cow, and it was also pregnant.

But, our Lord moved on me to switch on our prophet William Marrion Branham's sermon in my mobile phone, and I just placed the mobile phone near the dead cow's ear. After some time, to everyone's surprise, there was movement in the cow's body and immediately it stood on its legs.

Praise be to God, who IS Heb. 13: 8. The God of William Branham is still the unchanged God for us today.

Brother Arvind