Outreach in Namibia

Christians around the world continue to seine for souls. These brothers in Namibia share the burden of searching for the lost. Here is their report:

Oshikango Outreach


We had the opportunity of going to a shopping/commercial complex with a speaker with the purpose of playing Brother Branham’s tape. After talking to the security officers, they restricted us from playing the tape to the public, however permission was granted to speak to the people and give out tracts.

We had carried with us, books and tracts in English and Oshiwambo, seeing that Oshikango is a border town with Angola we also took with us few materials in Portuguese. Our team was made up of 4 brothers, two could speak Oshikwanyama and two could speak Portuguese and all of the four brothers were also able to communicate in English. We had the opportunity to testify to a mixed multitude and many of them gladly received the material and promised to visit us at the library for more material. Few days later, we contacted some of them who had taken keen interest in the Message and they had decided to take their baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Among the people who were baptised – was a lady from Ondangwa 60 kilometres from Oshikango, she accepted this Message. Moreover, we also received a teacher from Ongwediva 59 kilometres from Oshikango, who also accepted the Message and took her baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We encouraged all the recently baptized brothers and sisters, to be in contact with the branham.org website, and many of them are currently having home tape services, listening to Brother Branham’s tape, and we have also showed them how to register with the VGR WhatsApp to receive notifications.

The Global Quiet Time in Namibia is at 14:00 (2pm) as our Time zone is Central African Time - CAT, which is ahead of Jeffersonville 7 hours in difference, thus, we are afforded time every Saturday morning to go out for outreach. Around 13:30, thirty minutes before Quiet Time, we stop everything and go to our special places to get quiet before God. However, prior to Quiet Time, as we continue with outreach every Saturday morning, we often meet people interested to hear this Message, the majority of them have never heard of Brother Branham before and find this Message as something new, something that they never heard about. We have met more than 3 (three) denominational pastors during our outreach activities who were humble enough to stop and hear attentively the message, they showed willingness to know more about this Message and we gave them books.

Besides the believers and other people that visit the library, we are constantly receiving school kids who visit the library immediately after school, they ask questions and normally receive a tract or a book before they leave, in many occasions after a few days they normally return, to ask for another book in Oshikwanyama in order to take to their parents.

Last week we have received a group of students in school uniform, they have visited the Library - Brother Theodor spoke to them in their native language Oshikwanyama. I also got the opportunity to tell them about The Promise of a Prophet in these Last Days, and Stories on Brother Branham’s Younger Years. Before they left, we told them to take some time to read the tracts they got from us in their home, and told them to feel free to come back to us if they wanted to get books to read.

We thank the Lord for VGR, all brothers and sisters that are making available this special material to reach the predestinated seed.

Brother Aristides Eurico




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