The iOS Table App FAQ

I got a new iPhone or iPad. Can I transfer my notes and highlights from my old iPhone or iPad to the new one?


Yes, you can transfer your notes and highlights across iOS devices. (At this time, you cannot transfer notes and highlights from an iPad or an iPhone to an Android device or vice versa. It is not compatible to do so.)


Connect your old iOS device to the computer that the device is synced to in iTunes.


  1. Select the device in iTunes.
  2. Go to File Sharing
  3. Select The Table app
  4. You should see several files under The Table Documents:
    • default-profile.db
    • sync.db
    • sync.db-shm
    • sync.db-wal
  5. Select all of these files that are available, and hit the save to file below, saving it to your computer.
  6. Eject device
  7. Connect new device and go to File Sharing>The Table in iTunes once again
  8. Go to The Table Documents, and this time hit Add
  9. Choose the old default-profile.db, sync.db, sync.db-shm, and sync.db-wal files from the location you saved it to
  10. Hit the add button
  11. Select replace existing file
  12. Reboot app