Last summer we posted an update about the distribution work in the eastern part of India. The state of Odisha sits against the Bay of Bengal, as the 3rd most populated state of India, with 42 million citizens in an area roughly the size of Georgia. Odisha is made up of mostly tribal villages and perhaps the highest concentration of Hindus in India.

Brother John, VGR Malayalam translator, and the distribution team recently traveled to Odisha to cast the Gospel net. Here is his report.

On arrival at Bhubaneswar Airport in the afternoon of the 9th, we started to the Bhunj District by train. This place is 248KMs (154 miles) from the capital of Odisha, (Bhubaneswar.)

On the 10th morning at 10am, we gathered at one village named, Dantiamuhan. After playing the tape and teaching little about our prophet, four believers came forward to accept Christ and were ready for baptism. All of them were of the Hindu belief.

On our previous trip, around 30 believers believed this Message and were baptized in the Name of the Lord. So this time we taught about Hebrews 1:1-2, John 5:24, and John 17:17-21 and the Voice of God of this evil age.

Again, at the same place, after playing the tape and introducing the man of God from the Bible, they realized that this is the Voice of God of the hour. We started three different tape ministry churches at three villages under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. One tape boy will play the tape to them every Sunday. We are grateful to our Lord.

We then started the journey to another district named Kanthamal. We started at 3pm and reached at Sarnagada (Kanthamal District) on the next morning at 6:30am. From there, we went another 40kms to a remote tribal village. They received us with their traditional tribal welcome and dancing.

We first taught them about head covering of women. Then we introduced our prophet and showed them the Deep Calleth To The Deep video. In these villages electricity will be cut off for days at a time. We showed the video on a laptop with and extra speaker.

The following morning they gladly accepted the baptism in the Name of the Lord, and we baptized almost all the people, excluding five young men. They were trained from Bible school. However, they invited the local pastor, Brother Peter, to clarify their doubts. Sixteen more people accepted the Message, including the pastor. His family was baptized and joined with us.

We distributed six sets of Oriya CDs and 4 CD players to them.

We believe that the remaining few brothers will also take baptism.

Thanks to our Lord God for His great Work.

Yours Lovingly

In HIS Service

Brother John