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When Brother Branham was crisscrossing the country, bringing this precious Message to the world, he was often gone from home for months at a time. He considered his mail to be his lifeline to the people. It was the only direct contact he had with many believers, and he valued it highly, as did the believers waiting to hear from God’s prophet.

Many years ago, Voice Of God Recordings started sending out Lifeline letters to those believers that supported VGR. As time went on, technology evolved and eventually VGR created a website, Branham.org. Here, believers could be in contact with VGR, read testimonies from around the world, order products and sermons, and generally be informed about what was going on at VGR.

As the years rolled by, mobile phones became smart phones, and eventually more people started using their smart phones instead of computers to access the internet, find out news, and communicate. People also started signing up for mobile notifications to be instantly informed of information they were interested in.

In response, VGR started the Lifeline app for mobile devices. Through Lifeline, VGR has been able to keep the Bride informed of what is going on around the world, as well as post content to help encourage the people. This is done through producing videos, audio stories, photographs, and other content designed specifically for mobile devices.

The Lifeline app works great for those believers who have data plans on their phones, however, it was not affordable for those in many countries, especially in under-developed countries in Africa and South America.

VGR then started sending out WhatsApp notifications so that believers that wished to could sign up to receive the same videos, photos, and audio stories that we were sending through the Lifeline app.

For many believers, the Lifeline app and WhatsApp are now their main points of contact with VGR. Therefore, these tools have become our focus to keep you informed and encouraged in the easiest manner possible as you go through your daily lives.

We prioritize content for Lifeline and WhatsApp, and typically, videos and audio stories are sent out first through those mediums. We encourage you to download Lifeline and WhatsApp on your phone or mobile devices.

We strive to continue to be a blessing to the Bride around the world, and we’re always seeking the Lord for greater ways to keep this Message before you.

God bless you,


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