The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear Perfect Word Bride,

The Bride is so excited and under great anticipation as we are preparing to hear the capstone Message of the final church age, Laodicea. It is the greatest age of all time, with the greatest messenger of all time, who is gathering the greatest people of all time.

There has never been a day like the day we are living in. The world is able to hear The Voice Of God just as the scripture foretold us in His Word. Revelation 10:7, In the days of the VOICE. Notice, NOT VOICES, BUT VOICE.

God promised to send a mighty angel in this last age to reveal all the mysteries that He had hidden from the foundation of the world. He will be an angel messenger vindicated like none other, for he has been chosen to call out His Bride.

Most will reject him. Some will say you can’t believe all he says; just when he says Thus Saith The Lord. There are mistakes in his message. He’s not the only one, there are others called and anointed to lead the Bride and reveal the truth.

The Word says there will be a select group of people that will believe every word this messenger from God said; for his very commission was “Get the people to believe YOU”.

So, should we only believe some of what he said? Does the Word say, “I will send you Elijah the prophet then I will send you other men to tell you what is and isn’t the Word?”

My words will fail, but God’s Words cannot fail. Let us read what authority GOD WILL GIVE to His 7th angel messenger.

Who then will have the power of infallibility which is to be restored in this last age, for this last age is going to go back to manifesting the Pure Word Bride? That means we will have the Word once again as it was perfectly given, and perfectly understood in the days of Paul. I will tell you who will have it. It will be a prophet as thoroughly vindicated, or even more thoroughly vindicated than was any prophet in all the ages from Enoch to this day, because this man will of necessity have the capstone prophetic ministry, and God will shew him forth. He won’t need to speak for himself, God will speak for him by the voice of the sign. Amen.

Glory!! Hallelujah!! The Voice we are listening to when we PRESS PLAY, is perfectly given, and perfectly understood, AND IS SPEAKING THE WORDS OF INFALLIBILITY. (Webster: The inability to be wrong.)

What a rest the Bride has as we listen to the Pure Word of God. No guessing, no wondering, no need to go hear this one, or go hear that one; we have it all IN ONE VOICE ON TAPE.

Let’s go prospecting and polish some more nuggets and see what God says about our angel.

  • He will hear only from God
  • He will have “thus saith the Lord” and speak for God.
  • He will be God’s mouthpiece.
  • He will bring back the elect of the last day.
  • He will restore the truth.

Now let’s polish up some nuggets as He talks about us, that special group He called, elected and chose to believe every Word; HIS BRIDE.

  • And those elect with him in that day will be the ones who truly manifest the Lord and be His Body and be His voice and perform His works. Hallelujah! Do you see it?
  • In this last day there is again another people in the land, who under their messenger will be the final voice to the final age.
  • The church is no longer the “mouthpiece” of God. It is its own mouthpiece
  • The voice of God will be in her. Yes it is, for it says in the last chapter of Revelation verse 17, “The Spirit and the bride say, Come.”
  • He has given a voice to the bride.
  • The Elect cannot be deceived

Talk about a rest, He has given us His Voice and we cannot be deceived, we are ONE with Him.

Now, our reward for staying true to that prophet and believing every Word by listening to that Voice.

  • Those who receive that prophet in his own name will receive the beneficent effect of that prophet’s ministry. And they that hear him will be blessed and become part of that bride of the last day who are mentioned in Revelation 22:17, “The Spirit and the bride say, Come.”

If you would like to receive that reward, come join us this Sunday at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time to hear: The Laodicean Church Age 60-1211e, or as I like to call it, My Life Story.

Bro. Joseph Branham


Malachi 4:1-6
St. Matthew 2:14-15, 17:9-13
St. Luke 1:14-17
Romans 11:15-27
Revelation 3:14-22


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