The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear Fullness Of God,

What a great time the Bride is having as we go through this great study of the book of Revelation. God revealing His Word to His Bride like never before.

We see how God has always had a certain little group that stayed with His Word throughout the ages. When Satan began to introduce a deed that become a doctrine, there was always a little minority that would not be deceived, but would stay with That Word.

When Satan became even more powerful and the people began worshipping him, that elected Lady was not moved. They were so anointed, they even gave their lives freely and stayed with the Word.

As we hear His Voice speak to us, He warns us how misleading and deceptive that spirit is. How it always is trying to introduce a substitute for the original Word. Always trying to replace Father’s vindicated leadership for other ways or different leadership.

He tells us the seven stars are His seven messengers; and He is holding them in His hand. They don’t come in their own power and authority, but in the power and the authority of God whom He has empowered by the Holy Ghost. They are the Word for their day.

Today we see Jesus Christ revealing Himself by His Spirit in our angel messenger. An angel, who according to the Word, lightened the earth with his glory. As Moses was to the children of Israel, he has the revelation for our day. We see the Lord identifying Himself with him and granting him His power to lead His Bride.

Now He warns us once again how careful we must be to stay with His star; His messenger and leader for our day. That spirit will try once again to introduce another way, and different leadership. He tells us to remember it will be so close it would deceive the very elected IF it were possible. But it is NOT possible, for we will stay with the Word as we ARE THE WORD and cannot be deceived.

It is not enough that He has associated Himself with the whole church, which we saw when He was seen standing amongst the seven golden lampstands. Nor is it even enough that we see the five fold ministry of Ephesians four (apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, pastors). For in each age the church goes astray, and it is not just the laity but the clergy group — shepherds are wrong as well as sheep.

He is clearly telling us that in each age the church and the ministry go astray. They get off the original Word. They begin to introduce their own thoughts, ideas and leadership to the people. Then what does God have to do?

Then God brings Himself on the scene as the Chief Shepherd in the ministries of these seven men to lead His people back to the truth and the abundant power of that truth.

Glory...The Chief Shepherd Himself HAS COME IN THE MINISTRY OF HIS 7th angel, to lead us back to the truth and the abundant power of the Word.

He has placed a special leadership in these men of His own choosing and through the determined counsel of His own will.

How we can rest assured knowing that God chose OUR MESSENGER by the determined counsel of His Own Will to lead us to Him.

Let us clinch the nail once again with The Word. If it were my words, or your words, it would mean NOTHING, but these are HIS WORDS, and thus they are the living Word of God and MUST BE FOLLOWED.

When you hear someone say, “You place too much on the messenger,” they simply do not have the Revelation of this end-time Message.

If you say: I believe this Message; he is indeed the 7th church age messenger and fulfills all the Scriptures that spoke of him. If you truly want the fullness of God in your life, then I pray that God reveals this quote to you.

But He is in His messenger and he who would have the fulness of God would follow the messenger as the messenger is a follower of the Lord by His Word.

It is the messenger himself placing emphasis and directing us to follow him as he follows Christ. It is not the man that receives the glory, nor do we worship the man, but we see and believe it is none other than Jesus Christ living and revealing Himself to His Bride through His angel messenger which He chose to lead His Bride.

To us, staying with the Word and following His messenger as He has commanded us to do, is simply PRESSING PLAY AND STAYING WITH THE VOICE OF GOD ON THE TAPES.

Come and be filled with the fullness of God, as we listen together to the one He chose, by His determined counsel to lead us, bring the Message: The Sardisean Church Age 60-1209 at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time.

Bro. Joseph Branham


Scriptures to read in preparation for hearing the sermon, “The Sardisean Church Age.”

Revelation 3:1-6


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