The Protecting Hand Of Jesus

If you read this website, then you see how the Lord protects His children over and over again. It may be healing from a dreaded disease or it could be something as simple as finding a misplaced wallet, but He always gets the credit!

The following testimony is from a brother who would like to praise our Lord Jesus for protecting him during a road trip.

Several years back my wife and I were going to travel to the East Coast in her car. I could feel a little shaking when we got up to around 30-40 mph, but then it smoothed out at higher (highway) speeds. I thought one of the tires might be out of balance, so I brought it in to be checked out before we left for our holiday. I was told that everything was OK with the tires.

I didn't think any more about it and we left. We drove from Indiana to Pennsylvania, to Maryland, up to Elmira New York, and back. Over 1,800 miles round trip. Also it was a very hot summer, and I knew the tires would heat up and be stressed. I still felt the tire kind of thumping, but I didn't dwell on it because the tires had been checked out by the manufacturer’s store.

After we returned home and as we pulled into our garage, the car was limping very noticeably. I got out and looked and this is what we found.


I removed the tire, threw it in the back of the car, put on the spare, and we were off to get a replacement tire within an hour of returning home. I was annoyed at the company for not seeing the bubble when they checked the tires and also because they were newer tires.

As we were driving to the store, it sounded like a shotgun went off in the car. My ears were ringing. We looked at the tire and the bubble had burst. (Pics 4,5).


All we could do was look at each other in amazement. By the Love and Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we were kept safe during our trip. We knew He was with us through our trip as we were being blessed the whole time, but this was such a confirmation and witness to HIS Presence, all the annoyed feelings left me and all we could do was Praise HIM. Funny how when you think on HIM, all the “big” things become small.

Our vacation could have been catastrophic... If not for HIM.

We Love HIM and thank HIM, and just wanted to share this.

With Christian Love

Brother Mike H.

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