Where the Carcass Is

And the work of the Lord is being left undone, the Word of Truth, because the church, in itself, has become dim-sighted. And we need, today, the Voice of God to speak among us, bring us back.

63-0120m The Voice Of God In This Last Days

We received the following report from Brother Saidi, VGR office manager in Malawi.

On Sunday morning, the Voice Of God, the Word of Truth was sounded from Kongwe Hills. Nature quietened down to the roaring of the Lion. This was a day the believers around Dowa town will live to remember.

When news went across that the Voice Of God Recordings team would be holding a Sunday tape service on top of Kongwe hills, almost all the churches around were very eager to come and attend the service.

Our team arrived on Saturday after a 500km drive. We dove straight into tape outreach, and there we baptized four people.

People came by different means of transport, others just decided to come by foot; they came from far and wide to attend Brother Branham's meeting.

It was a special day. It was overwhelming to hear waves of the Voice Of God escaping from our JBL speakers. It was live, touching, and Spirit-filled.

Seven pastors attended Brother Branham's meeting, and each one of them would like our team to visit and inspire their churches individually.

The pastors in Malawi are thankful to Brother Joseph and those who make it possible for the tape services. It has brought a new dimension to the Message, and in amazing ways bringing people back to the roots of the Message and the prophet.

Our tape services continue to inspire believers in Malawi into playing tapes in their churches; most of them didn't know how they could do this.

Brother Saidi

VGR Malawi