The VGR Romania team recently traveled from the office in Timisoara, to the southern regions of their country for a distribution trip. There they were able to share the new microSD cards along with other much-needed material, while updating them on some of the resources at branham.org and themessage.com that are readily available to them on the internet.

Here is the report of their trip that included a few tape services and a testimony of how a 92-year-old grandmother saw the grace of God reach down to her.

Călăraşi, Tonea

Traveling 677 km (421 miles) from our office to an economically poor area of our country, there are simple people where I appreciated their simple way to live. I felt that these people are not burdened by the modern things that surround us, which often times put spiritual pressure upon the people.

As we walked into the small room where the believers gathered to receive us, we felt the sweet atmosphere of the Spirit. A group of brothers and sisters disconnected from the world's restlessness waited for us to come in. Such a great experience just to watch and listen to them singing old fashion songs, praising the Lord without instrumental accompaniment.

We were so honored to inform them about the ongoing work, about all the materials they freely can have in their homes. We sent Brother Joseph Branham’s greetings and then we introduced Brother Branham at the pulpit in playing the tape.

Baptism- "Never too old to receive life"

Sister Ludovica, 92 years old, grew up in the Orthodox faith. She lives in the north of Romania, at a great distance from our city. She has two daughters in Timişoara, who are Message believers, and every time they went to visit her, they brought her printed and audio sermons of Brother Branham. In the beginning, she thought that her daughters were on the wrong path, following a false religion. After she listened to the Message of the hour, the Word was watering the seed in her heart, and she began to see the true God had blessed her with a long life for an important reason. Soon after, she asked for baptism and now her only desire is to continue to live here on this earth, and then after she is gone, to live in eternity with her daughters.



By God’s help we visited the group of believers from Bucureşti. We gladly found that they welcomed us with opened hearts, sincerely and eagerly to receive new information about VGR’s ongoing work and about the new products available in the Romanian language. After we showed them how to get to the Message in the new format, the microSD card, and all that is available to access online at branham.org and themessage.com, we introduced Brother Branham at the pulpit and played the tape.

What a joy it was to see Brother Branham speak in Timişoara, Bucureşti and Tonea, Călăraşi. This is a great thing and we are truly happy to be part and live these events before His Glorious Coming!

Petru Muntean & Alin Muntean

VGR Romania