The enemy is a master at making us feel hopeless. He digs his claws into our minds with his sinful desires, and tries to make us think that sin will provide the happiness we so desperately seek. The devil’s ultimate goal is our misery and death, but Jesus has a different plan.

Our Lord does not want His children to suffer. He knows that sin will not only put our eternal destination in jeopardy, but it will also ruin our earthly lives. Have you ever seen someone prosper from drinking, immorality, lying, stealing, etc? Those things NEVER bring happiness. All they bring is problems. So why do so many people suffer? They give in to the tricks of the enemy, and then the devil makes us think that it is far too difficult to return to the Lord. The truth is that our lives are so much better, and even easier, when we serve the Lord.

Have you ever seen someone prosper from drinking, immorality, lying, stealing, etc?

A good first step is to turn on one of those tapes you hear so much about. Devote a little time every day to prayer, hearing the Word, and/or reading your Bible. You’ll find that it changes your entire day, and eventually, your entire life.

The Lord Jesus is standing there with open arms, waiting for the sinner to return. All we have to do is walk towards Him rather than walking towards the enemy.

We hope you enjoy the following testimony. It shows that the arms of Christ are still wide open.

Dear VGR, I just wanted to share just a quick little testimony. A few months ago, I got into trouble and started hanging out with the wrong crowd. I was dating someone in that crowd, and they really influenced me in a negative way. I started doing things I would have never done had it not been for this person.

My actions got all of us in trouble, as well as my family. I began to feel depressed, hopeless, and dead inside. I hurt myself, and when that wasn't enough, I attempted suicide several times. It took a near tragedy to shake me and get me to realize that I needed to change.

I currently live with a family friend in a different town, away from my family (we are not getting along anymore), and away from my bad influences. That was my first step to changing. Now, I am seeing a therapist as part of my “healing” process. But the thing that has helped me the most is getting into the Word and listening to those tapes. I now realize that my life isn't hopeless and I CAN change, with the help of the Lord.

Every day, I wake up feeling happier than the previous day, because I know I have God on my side. I have stopped hurting myself and trying to commit suicide. I spend a lot of time listening to the tapes and reading the Word. If it hadn't been for the family friend I live with, I would have never learned about the tapes and VGR. So I thank her for introducing me to it all. I also thank the Lord for giving me the strength to move on and let go of my past.

I have forgotten the influences I had, the things I did, and all the times I felt dead inside. Praise the Lord!

An Anonymous Sister

Thank you, our dear friend, for sharing this message of encouragement. May it inspire those who are suffering at the hands of the devil, to stand up and accept the joy that God has in store for those who love Him.

...Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. (1 Corinthians 2:9)

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