A Promise

Greetings in the most Holy and Precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

It is really encouraging and a source of strength to go on each day, when I visit the VOGR's website. Hearing the Quote of the Day, reading the Daily Bread and Testimonies are enough for me to get up and say, “Yes, Lord, I'll keep pressing on.”

I was in my closet this morning praying and felt compelled to give this testimony. It's something that happened several years ago, and I have told it to a very few people because of its "unusualness.”

Several years ago, my youngest brother was in a car accident in Florida. He was driving at a very high rate of speed and my nephew was sitting in the passenger seat, neither of them had their seatbelts on. Apparently someone was making a U-turn against oncoming traffic and my brother, in trying to avoid a collision with that vehicle, lost control, ran off the road, and crashed into a wall. It happened on a Saturday night about 2:00AM. My nephew came out with a few scratches, but my brother was pinned inside the car and the vehicle had to be cut open to get him out. He had internal bleeding in his head and went into a coma.

I got a call about the accident on the morning following (Sunday). I had just accepted the Message of the hour a couple of years earlier. I had never cried and screamed like that in my adult life. I did not even think about praying at that moment, but was just in grief. I remember this like it was yesterday. My other brother by this time had just come over. We could not afford to fly to Florida, so we decided to drive. After that decision was made, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, still crying. It was then that the most amazing and unbelievable thing happened! I don't know how and cannot explain it, but I heard an audible Voice in the bathroom, near the window, call my name out and said distinctly, “Don't worry, everything will be okay.”

I knew this was not natural. Immediately, I came out of the bathroom and sat both my wife and brother down and related to them what had just happened. Neither one of them had spoken while I was in the bathroom. We prayed and left for Florida. Along the 19-hour drive I constantly was focused upon that experience and knew that that Voice was the Voice of God. The doctors gave us their conclusion; they did all they could, but the bleeding was too much and my Brother may not make it. Well, I held on to what God promised, and on the Wednesday following, my brother opened his eyes. The promise was being vindicated. It took about one year before my brother fully recovered and resumed a normal life. Praise God, I became more interested in serving the Lord. I will never forget that experience, because it was then that I understood the Power of God being identified with the Message that God's prophet brought. That made me a real believer that THIS MESSAGE IS THE ABSOLUTE. I trust that this will be a blessing and encouragement, because when people say this or that cannot happen, God comes on the scene and does it anyhow, because He is God and He can do anything. Every religion, even the one that I was raised in (Hinduism), has a notion of who God is and indoctrinate their followers that God can do this, but not that, did something yesterday but cannot do the same thing today. But thanks be to God, He sent a prophet with Thus Saith The Lord PROVING that Jesus Christ is God and He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

God Bless You.