A Long Battle

To those who through the righteousness of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ have received such precious faith to know who we are and what we are raised up for, Greetings to you all.

I thank God for His Divine Power which has given us everything we need for life and Godliness and has called us to service as witnesses so that every walk of life, we learn and experience His Power and Glory.

I take this chance to share with the Bride of Christ the opportunity in our Christian life that God has presented Himself as a Mighty Healer.

My wife was diagnosed to have cancer of the lymphatic system about 10 years ago. In 2001, the doctors put her on chemotherapy treatment, which she went through with all the side effects associated.

In 2004, the cancer recurred in a more severe way which affected her breathing, entirely blocking her lungs with fluid and oxygen flow to the brain. It was just God’s hand that she survived and the doctors put her on another regime of chemotherapy after surgery to remove the fluid in the lungs. This time round, the treatment did not go well and had to be discontinued without any option. We just put our trust in God and continued to testify of God making a way for her healing.

She continued to be in fairly good health until early 2008, when her health began to deteriorate and we had to see the doctor. She went through the X-rays and scans and results showed massive swellings in the chest which to the doctors’ opinion, needed more specialty attention, and at the same time, was a difficult and delicate process. We did not act immediately to follow up the medication but committed the matter to the church and other saints in prayer. Our local pastor led the saints during the Sunday service for a special prayer request. Many saints continued to keep us in prayer.

Six months later, we identified a specialty doctor who would undertake the chest surgery. Going through the past medical history, the doctor marveled and commended how my wife had come this far with this condition. She was admitted for examination and, in the reports, concurred with what had been obtained early in the year with the other doctor.

Time for surgery came, and when he began and pieced the surgical knife into the flesh, realized there were no swellings as had been seen in the X-rays. He was amazed and immediately stopped the operation for a recheck. This time around, the tests showed a very clear and clean chest without any swellings. However some little fluid was identified just below the lungs and was removed. It was such a great moment to see the intervention of the hand of God. We thanked God and the saints continued in prayer with us. And to mention the check she signed for perfect healing brought by one of the saints.

My wife was in hospital for about 11 days and discharged. The doctor continued to carry out X-ray tests every month to be sure that the results were correct and continued to confirm the same. Three months later she suddenly began to experience short breath and developed massive swellings on the neck and chin. This made it very difficult for her to sleep, as she would always be suffocated. So for 24 hours she would stay in upright position. The doctor could not understand this occurrence, as all tests could not identify any abnormality. We again saw a number of doctors and there was no way forward except trials.

Her face got swollen and disfigured until she just had to stay home as much as possible, except attending Sunday services when it would be bearable. We continued to believe and trust God knowing that He is in control. Every morning, we would sing Only Believe All Things are Possible. The tapes we would listen to and Message books read; there were cancer related cases that got healed.

One Sunday morning, a month ago, we got prepared as usual to go to church and as unusual with my wife's face swollen. I got to the car as my wife closed the house and gate. As I waited, I found the Message book, Watchman, What Of The Night? on the seat which my wife had carried to read. We normally get to church early for the tape service before the other services.

I opened the book randomly and my eyes fell on a page where the prophet was talking about a lady who was healed from a horrible cancer disease, Hodgkins Lymphoma. I said, this is exactly the problem that afflicts my wife and now the prophet has spoken it directly.

My wife got to the car and before I drove off, I opened the page for her to read as we go to church. Then my wife remarked, “It is no secret what God can do, What He has done for others, he will do for you.”

From that time, there was a feeling of great relief. That night she slept quite well after several months of sleepless nights. I saw in a dream of her face normal. I mentioned to her about her face becoming normal and slowly, day by day, the swellings continued to disappear and now she sleeps normally. She is now in good health and able to carry on with the daily chores.

To God Be The Glory. God makes away for us for our Healing, our Salvation, our Comfort, our Peace and all these things.

God Bless you all Richly.
A brother from Kenya