The Laplanders

The Norwegian tapeboy (David Forsberg) and a team of believers recently made a trip to one of the most northern places on earth to spread the Gospel. It was in northern Norway, in a place that most of us know as the Laplands.

Like usual, they hit the ground running, passing out tracts and inviting people to view The Deep Calleth To The Deep film. They rented theaters in two different towns, donned some native clothing, and then told everyone they could find about the Lord and His Message.

Here is Brother David’s report and a video they put together about their trip.

Missionary Report, Norway

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

First of all, thank you for the Jubilee Sermons this Easter. It has been the greatest blessings for us!

Finnmark is in the extreme northeastern part of Norway. Also known for its beautiful northern lights, it is the largest and least populated county of Norway.

This is the part of Norway, where the Samis, also called Laplanders, live and have their own language and culture. Lapland is located above the Arctic Circle in Europe. Lapland is the name given to the most northern parts of these countries where these gentle and talented Sami people live. The Same population of Norway is about 20,000.

By the grace of God, Thursday to Sunday, the first weekend in this month of April, we arrived to the north of Norway, with a team of fourteen people. It was a two-hour flight with the airplane (Oslo to Alta). Our goal was to show the film, “The Deep Calleth To The Deep” by God’s prophet, William Marrion Branham, on Friday in Kautokeino and Saturday in Alta.

It was a beautiful sight for us to look out of the window and see all the high mountains with snow as the plane landed at the airport in the very north. With gladness in our hearts, we divided into three rented cars and went to the Alta River campground, where we would stay for the weekend.

Two to three weeks before this trip, we had been fasting and in prayer for the missionary trip. Our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, has been so merciful to us and shown us a lot of encouragement for this trip. We believe that He, even before we were born and before the foundation of the world, had planned to spread His Eagle wings and look after His children in this almost end parts of the world. We have no words to express our gratitude to Him, to be a witness to this.

Every household in the whole Finnmark has got a personally invitation card we made for the film a week earlier, in their mailbox. Also the newspapers had articles about us coming. We made several advertisements with some whole pages in the newspapers, with the Pillar Of Fire picture. They couldn’t miss seeing it!

One thing we didn`t know, as we found out later, was a huge, full snowstorm that was coming and should be in the region around us. Many of the roads were closed because of all the snow. People died and schools were closed, etc. God protected His mission and us, and we met no troubles.

On the Jubilee Tape, the same day we all heard this words,

We’re thankful to God for the good weather that He has give us. They predicted we’d have storms and things, all the time. But He has kept the storms back, and we haven’t had one bit of trouble. We’re grateful for that.

Jehovah-Jireh 3

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Friday morning the team went to the Laplanders in a little place called, Kautokeino. When we arrived, we split up the group. We went here and there, outside the shops and so forth and met many of the Laplanders and gave out tracts and invitations. One old lady came by and told us she recognized the name William Branham. She read a nice book about him when she was young. She just remembered a very few things, from that book. Then we handed her,The Life Story, translated into Norwegian. That made her so happy. Our hearts were burning, as we handed out tracts and books to the “Norwegian Indians.”

After a while a local radio station called Brother David (Forsberg), invited him into the studio and made a nice interview. Later at 4:30 pm they broadcasted it, and all in the team met at a café, asked for a radio and heard the program there.

It was very exciting!

Seven o’clock in the evening the film started. Brother David that also is a Sami himself by family, got a gift from a family member: A beautiful sweater that the Laplanders use.

He promised to use it when he should introduce the prophet and the film. Suddenly he was one of them.

The Laplanders were really gentle and met us with peace. They set totally quiet and listened to the introduction. As they saw the film, they were deeply touched and blessed. After the film was over, the heavenly atmosphere was so strong. Brother David went to the front and started to pray and thank the Lord for His Presence. Many lifted their hands and wanted to be prayed for. After that, they came forth to the table with great respect for the materiel and the books. They wrote their names down and wanted to be on the address list to VGR for receiving more Spiritual Food.

Saturday the team visited a new town, called Alta, made missionary works in the streets, and showed the film in a fine theatre. We had the same experience both places. It was like Heaven was open over us. All glory belongs to God!

We have so many wonderful testimonies from the Lapland. It has been the greatest missionary trip for us, ever.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, we certainly pray for you all!

God bless you.

With God’s Love and greetings from Norway

Brother David & Sister Ellen, and the team


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