Across The Radio Waves

The following is a report from Brother Saidi, VGR office manager in Limbe, Malawi.

Barely a month after Brother Joseph Branham had a stroke of inspiration to take Voice of the prophet into radio broadcasting arena, with “William Branham Ministries” program, a wide door into denomination churches quickly snapped open.

Matindi FM, the radio station where the Voice of the Prophet is being played has a national coverage, and its radio waves spill into parts of Mozambique, especially Nyasa and Zambezia Provinces. When the radio waves started packaging the Message, denominational pastors in Malawi and Mozambique started calling our office for further assistance.

A group in Mozambique, was among first groups that called for immediate help. I set out to meet the elders of the group; discuss a few logistics on how we would plan the whole thing. I took with me a box of Chichewa Message books, MP3 player, and Chichewa MP3 CDs, these items ignited joy and an encouragement to these humble elders.

The elders explained that they had heard the Message on the radio, and that their hearts were pricked; they wanted to pursue the matter further and probably meet the people behind the radio program, and that is why they made the effort to call our office for assistance. Soon after, they started using the MP3 player that we donated and the radio program members would come together around the player to enjoy the preaching on the radio.

I was immensely impressed with my first meeting with the elders, and immediately arranged for a second meeting. The first trip was rather a very difficult one as direct roads to this place had never been established, and the only access that was known was through crossing the Ruo River on canoes.

The truck packed with precious cargo, I drove for about 160km from Blantyre-Malawi to a bordering town with Mozambique; the brothers came from the other side on their bicycles to welcome me. The package included a box of Chichewa Message books and tracts; I also borrowed a system for the tape meeting.

We crossed Ruo river on canoes and proceeded on bicycles through the jungles; the paths were bumpy and it hurt badly to sit on a bicycle carrier with no cushion on it. The two 2 hours that I sat on it was like 6 hours, but surely it was worth it, as the benefit this trip brought negates the pain and should thrill all that love the Message of the prophet. So you can take a breath as you continue reading this report.

We arrived late and we quickly went into service. After singing a few songs, it was my turn to introduce Brother Branham to come forth and preach to them, the Message titled “God’s Chosen Place Of Worship.” It was very lively; everybody was enjoying the preaching.

After the tape was stopped the whole church went quiet as everybody sat with expectation, waiting to watch to the next piece of action. I stood up and said, “As per what the prophet has said here, how many are ready to be baptized?” Almost all the hands went up. It was late and I had a few hours to cross the border and get my truck from where it was packed. I requested them to allow me go back and return for the baptism service. Back at the office, the brothers would call almost every day demanding to know when I would return for the baptism service.

I decided to go on a Thursday morning and stay there up to Friday to finish the tape that I had started. This time around I took the longest route just to make sure that I drove up to the place, and avoided jumping on bicycles and crossing rivers on canoes.

The tempo was high. I drove right straight to their church and immediately the service started with songs and later we played a tape, picking it from where I had stopped the first time I was with them.

The gathering did not want me to stop the tape, as it was getting sweeter and sweeter, but we had to pause and go for the baptismal service and continue in the evening.

We walked to the river quite a long distance, and what a privilege it was to baptize 53 people in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

After the baptism service we continued playing the tape until late in the evening. On Friday morning we had another tape service before I started off for home.

I met several leaders from other denominational churches that were invited to come and attend these meetings. Some of them got baptized, whilst others are waiting for me to visit them in their various stations and baptize their groups together with them as leaders of the groups.

It was overwhelming to see the doors that the radio program has opened around this area, and I don’t even know how all these groups will be reached.

Thank you very much for your prayers, and I would like to appreciate and sincerely thank Brother Joseph Branham for his burden for the Message preached by Brother William Branham to also be broadcasted on radio station. This was not in vain as the fruits of that decision are evident being seen and enjoyed by the hungry souls.

One day the voice of the seventh angel sounded, the following words:

But let me tell you something. We haven't got that money. You're poor men. All of us are. That's right. We live by the alms of the people, being ministers. But, brother, in Africa one little black boy about this high, or a prostitute off the street yonder in Louisville, one soul saved, in eternity when that star is a shining yonder, our name will wrapped into it. There's your value. It isn't how much you got, how much you desire; it's how much you can do towards saving souls for Christ Jesus. Our money will fade.


Brother Saidi,

Blantyre, Malawi