The Cloud

It’s been 57 years since the supernatural cloud appeared over Arizona. The pictures that were taken in various places of Arizona mean a lot to us, but when we consider the prophecy that was fulfilled, it seems to shake us to our very soul. Here is what Brother Branham said about that experience in southern Arizona in the sermon, “Is This The Sign Of The End Sir?”

And I was at Tucson, Arizona, in the vision, for it made it so purpose that He didn’t want me to fail to see where it was at. I was picking a sand burr off of me, from the desert. And I said, “Now, I know this is a vision, and I know that I’m at Tucson. And I know that them little birds there represent something.” And they were watching eastward. And all of a sudden they taken a notion to fly, and away they went, eastward.

And as soon as they left, a constellation of larger birds came. They looked like doves, sharp-pointed wings, kind of a gray color, little lighter color than what these first little messengers was. And they were coming eastward, swiftly.

And no sooner than they got out of my sight, I turned again to look westward, and there it happened. There was a blast that actually shook the whole earth.

Now, don’t miss this. And you, on tape, be sure you get this right.

First, a blast. And I thought it sounded like a sound barrier, ever what you call it when planes cross the sound, and the sound comes back to the earth. Just shook, like, roared, everything. Then, it could have been a—a—a great clap of thunder, and lightning, like; I didn’t see the lightning. I just heard that great blast that went forth, that sounded like it was south, from me, towards Mexico.

But, it shook the earth. And when it did, I was still looking westward. And way off into Eternity, I saw a constellation of something coming. It looked like that it might have been little dots. There could have been no less than five, and not more than seven. But, They were in the shape of a pyramid, like these messengers coming. And when it did, the Power of Almighty God lifted me up to meet Them.

62-1230E - "Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir?"


Is This The Sign Of The End Sir?

  1. Note that the quote above was three months before the event in Arizona.
  2. Brother Branham received the aforementioned vision on December 22, 1962, and described the vision on both “The Reproach For The Cause Of The Word” and “Is This The Sign Of The End Sir?”
  3. In “Is This The Sign Of The End Sir?” (62-1230E), he reads Revelation 10:1-7 for his text. Notice that Revelation 10:1 says the mighty Angel was clothed with a cloud..
  4. He mentions “cloud” five times, and “Angels” 15 times in that sermon.
  5. Brother Branham refers back to 62-1230E “Is This The Sign Of The End Sir?” and tells us to listen to that sermon more than he refers to any other sermon.
  6. We encourage you to listen to 62-1230E “Is This The Sign Of The End Sir?” and remember that it was preached months before the cloud was photographed in Arizona.
  7. You can hear a detailed account of the Sunset event on the sermon, “What Is The Attraction On The Mountain” 65-0725E, starting on paragraph 127, or about 1 hour and 4 minutes into the sermon.
  8. Brother Branham’s account of February 28, 1963 event has received a lot of criticism from the skeptics. The publication “Because He Said So”, printed in 2012, addresses some of this criticism.