Branham Peaks

B-r-a-n-h-a-m, how those seven letters mean so much to the Bride of Christ. It was such an honor to teach His young Bride about the significance of an everlasting sign that was given to Brother Branham of a mountain, just as the Lord gave to Moses.

We all know the story as Brother Branham and Brother Billy Paul were coming back from Canada from a hunting trip, and Brother Branham was discouraged about his ministry. But how lovingly the Spirit of the Lord came down in that truck and showed him those seven mountain peaks. His name written all over them, W-I-L-L-I-A-M   M-A-R-R-I-O-N   B-R-A-N-H-A-M, an everlasting sign!

We had the honor of having Brother Branham’s right hand man, buddy, and son Brother Billy Paul Branham at our past Creations class, “Branham Peaks”. He was right there with Brother Branham through so much, and we wanted to hear straight from him the story of that very special truck ride.

We have put together a little video of him speaking to the students, and also have our tutorial for the class here.

This was one of the most special classes we have EVER had at Creations! All of our students were absorbed in the lesson, and we could really feel the Spirit of the Lord with us all day long. So we encourage you to do this project with your children at home, we know it will be such a blessing to you and your family!

God bless you!