How The Candle Got Lit

This brother’s candle was lit almost 20 years ago, but it didn’t stop there for him. He and his family have been holding tape services for the past 11 years in their home, not only to keep their candle burning, but so others too could see the Light of the hour.

I was born and raised in a Hindu family. In 1990, I was told to go a church by an elderly lady, at a point when I was fed up in this life and planning to commit suicide. So then I had gone to a denominational church in Chennai and also saw the miracles with casting out devils, so I know that the Lord Jesus Christ is only true God.

After that I was baptized in that denominational church and doing God’s ministry. In 1997, one brother spoke to me about this Message of the hour. Therefore I came to know the true baptism and also was baptized according to Acts 2:38.

From that time I began to give an importance to the Word and the true prophet of God. The last 11 years we have been playing tapes in our church on Wednesday and Sunday services. So we thank you from the depth of our hearts for the tapes, books, and SD cards which you have been sending and encouraging us.

After hearing this Message, I have known the Bible mysteries. If we had not heard this Message, we would have lost all the spiritual blessings.

A special thanks to Brother Joseph Branham. But for him we would not received the Messages in India.

Brother K. David

Chennai, India