Quiet Time In Nigeria

February 3, 2018 was another memorable day for the young people in the Lagos area. The youth came from over 200 churches and traveled as far as three hours to make the Quiet Time. Many even brought their friends, schoolmates, local members from Pentecostal and Catholic churches in the area to witness what God has done in this end-time.

The following report comes from Brother Andrew Alasa, VGR office manager in Lagos, Nigeria.

You can imagine the uproar when they were told that we would be having games after the Quiet Time session.

 We had many activities planned for the young people, such as volleyball, cornhole, nine high, foosball, table tennis, chess, Scrabble, and piano and guitars for some who wanted to try their hands on playing instruments. It was a fun day and one to be remembered.

Some of the young people have told me that they really enjoyed the day and were very thankful to VGR for putting this together.

A young sister sent me a testimony (at the end of the article) of how God touched her life during the Quiet Time. I brought out the sermon book: A ABSOLUTE 63-0304. Some listened to the tape from their devices, while many read the book. It was a real blessing to know that God has sent us an Absolute of His Word for this day through His prophet.

We had some good singing and worship, and it was just heavenly. About 380 young people gathered for this day. The weather was just fine for us, and the fellowship was simply wonderful.

After the games, we gathered together again, sang some songs, and prayed for dismissal and for the food. Some of them hardly wanted us to end the games and we were feeling they needed to continue the games. But we had about one hour and thirty minutes of game time already. We ate and took the drinks which Brother Joseph had graciously provided the funds for us to supply refreshments for them. They had sweet fellowship as they ate, and afterwards they left for their homes with the different vehicles that brought them.

We had some of them that stayed back to help pack up and clean the hall and facilities.

Brother Andrew

VGR office manager, Lagos, Nigeria

I want to share with you a beautiful experience in the just concluded Quiet Time on the 3rd of February, 2018.

You had just announced the sermon that had been provided for us to read for the day and it was; "A Absolute" and I remember thinking to myself, that it sure was a fitting sermon to read, as I really needed to be reminded of what and where my absolute was.

I was very encouraged, listening to Brother Branham on that sermon, and I was reminded that my absolute is the Word of God, and like the Bible says which was also quoted in the sermon, "If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you." John 15:7

God's Word is my absolute, and the condition for having whatever I ask for is to abide (which means to remain or continue / to stay and live somewhere) in Him and let His words abide in me.

By the time I finished reading the sermon, I felt like I had so much faith, so much that I could ask God for anything in that moment and He would grant it.

I got on my knees for a few minutes before we were called back into the hall and prayed, and I had the assurance that God heard me, so I went back into the hall feeling very excited.

Then, you came back on the platform and asked us to sing the song: "Create In Me A Clean Heart." I tried really hard to hold back the tears. I tried to tell myself that I was in public and not in church, among a lot of people that I didn't know, and I didn't want to embarrass myself and cry in front of them, but I just couldn't stop. I felt such a Presence around me, such relief, and an excitement that God was with me and was going to take care of everything, and I know He has.

The rest of the time we spent participating in the different games was also very interesting, everyone seemed so busy and so happy.

Thank you once again for your many labors on our behalf. God bless you richly and reward you all abundantly.

Catherine Idisi

Local Christian Assembly,

Lagos, Nigeria