Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

We are writing this testimony from Kharkov, Ukraine. First of all, we want to thank everyone who is keeping us in prayer. We want to tell you that God hears you!

My sister and I are in the dormitory of our university. "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst," the Bible says in Matt. 18:20. And while explosions and gun volleys rumble outside the window, my sister and I hit the PLAY button. And if I were asked what was the best time of my life, I would say with one hundred percent certainty that it is now! Now more than ever, we feel God's presence with us. We clearly hear Him answering us in these Sermons. I am glad that in such a terrible situation, when people are trembling with fear and panic, quotes from Brother Branham's tapes, Christian hymns like "Onward Christian Soldiers!", "In Jesus' Name", and many others come to our minds. I am glad that God sent us this test, for He tests all His children! We want to appear on the last day among the victors, those who have withstood God's Test and kept the Faith!



There is martial law in the city, so when the siren sounds, everyone has to go down to the bomb shelter. But honestly, it's very disturbing. There are a lot of people there. There are no Christians, except for me and my sister. There are not enough things to stay there comfortably. Many people smoke right there, make noise, curse and behave badly. In addition, there is poor communication and no internet. So I really didn't want to spend the night there.

When my moral strength was running out, I asked my sister to kneel with me. We knelt by the bed and prayed that the Lord would allow us to stay in the room and listen to the Message. I wondered if God wanted us to stay in the room or go to the bomb shelter. And I remembered what I had been taught since I was a little girl. My parents had taught me to look for answers in God's Word. I read Psalm 90. [chapter 91 in the English KJV] And peace and inspiration came to my heart to stay. We had a wonderful night in the room. The Lord gave us a good and sound sleep and we recovered our strength. I told my mother about it over the phone. And she replied that it reminded her of the harlot Rahab from the Jericho Wall story. She had a sign, so even when the whole wall collapsed, her home and loved ones survived. I was very inspired by this statement, because our dorm (because of the architecture and because there are Chinese students here) is called "The Chinese Wall" by the locals. It gave me confidence that we are perfectly safe as long as the Message is heard in our room! We put up the Sign! A little later, God confirmed it again. In the Sermon on “The Patriarch Abraham,” Brother Branham mentioned the Jewish children in the fiery furnace. And I thought that these children did not run away from that furnace anywhere, even though they knew where they were being led. They were quietly waiting for what God would do. And so we decided to stand still and wait for that Angel to appear beside us. I believe there are innumerable angels beside us even now. And yet even one of them, as Brother Branham said, could destroy the earth!

We also have two other girls living with us who are not believers. They are very afraid of what is happening, so they run away to the bomb shelter at any opportunity. They don't understand why we are so calm and not afraid. We have tried to explain to them what we stand for. But not everyone accepts this Message. However, we want to remain a light to the people!

Thank you all for your prayers and faith! We may not see many in this world, but we will surely meet on the Other Side! We believe it will happen very soon! Until that happens, may God be with you!

Your sisters in Christ,

(We withheld these sisters' names for their safety)