Month In Pictures

Here are some pictures that have been sent in from around the world.



1 - Angola

Brother Graciano David Chambi went on a missionary outreach in Matala, Angola.


2 - Cameroon

Here are some pictures of some brothers and sisters in Cameroon enjoying a Creations activity.


The VGR office of Cameroon recently distributed a shipment of Agapao tablets to the believers in Bamenda. The brothers and sisters were thrilled to receive the stored up Food.


Some of the young people in Cameroon gathered together and completed a Creations activity on the Stature of a Perfect Man.


What a glorious day it was in Bamenda, Cameroon as the brothers and sisters received their Agapao tablets during a recent distribution.


Various Creations activities in Cameroon.


Here are some pictures from a recent missionary trip in northern Cameroon.


Enjoy these pictures from recent Creations activities in Cameroon.


3 - Republic Of Congo

Brothers from the VGR Office in Pointe-Noire, Congo Brazzaville, went on a Missionary trip to the small village of Tchingoli. They testified and invited the locals to a meeting where they played a Tape. A few where prayed for and others where baptized.


Recently in Brazzaville Congo, a Sunday school group gathered to do the Squirrel Season Creations activity.


Bistro Day activity in Pointe-Noire, Congo Brazzavile.


Activity in Pointe-Noire VGR office, Congo Brazzaville.


Missionary outreach in the city of Pointe-Noire, Congo Brazzaville.


Brethren in Congo Brazzaville distributed many tracts and played a Tape at the city door in Pointe-Noire.


4 - Democratic Republic Of Congo

The VGR office manager in DRC organized a 3-day youth camp in the province of Katanga.


Here are some pictures of recent Creations activities from Kinshasa, DRC.


Agapao tablet distribution in Mapangu, DRC.


An Agapao tablet distribution recently took place in Mapangu, DRC.


Here are some pictures from a recent SD card distribution trip in Bukuva, DRC.


Evangelization recently took place in Kilobelobe, DRC, where they played Tapes for several days for those who wanted to attend.


Bro. Isaac Kasongo and his family had a blessed time completing the Creations activity of Speak the Word despite the devil fighting them with difficulties printing the materials.


Big or small, the Creations gatherings in DRC are always incredible!


5 - Equatorial Guinea

Believers from Equatorial Guinea organized two youth camps. One in Malabo and the other one in Bata, where they listened to Tapes, participated in activities and drew closer to the Lord.


6 - Gabon

Missionary outreach evangelization campaign in Port-Gentil, Gabon.


During this month, children from the nearby school came to visit the Gabon VGR office a few times. They also had prayer and shared testimonies in addition to receiving Cub Corner material and booklets.


A Creations event was recently held at the VGR Library in Libreville, Gabon. Even some children from a school nearby came and partook in the activity.


Here are some pictures from Gabon where the brothers and sisters put on a play and participated in a Creations class.


Creations classes in Gabon.


Some Tape Boys evangelizing in Gabon.


Here are some recent pictures from just some of the awesome Creations gatherings in Gabon. They always share precious updates and testimonies.


7 - Ivory Coast

Missionary outreach to the city of Yamoussoukro and Fresco, Ivory Coast.


8 - Rwanda

Some brothers in Rwanda recently entered the water and were baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


9 - South Africa

Great job by these two on their worksheets in South Africa!




1 - India

We love this brother’s journal of his tape quiz!




1 - Australia

Missionary trip in Australia with Brother Andrew.




1 - Austria

A young brother with his recent Creations worksheets.


2 - France

Believers in France working on their “Speak The Word” booklets.


Central America


1 - El Salvador

Worksheets, journaling and “The Token” Creations project in El Salvador!


2 - Guatemala

Some of our young brothers and sisters in Guatemala!


3 - Mexico

We enjoyed seeing the recent Creations classes from Mexico!


South America


1 - Bolivia

Tablet distribution in Bolivia.


2 - Brazil

These believers in Brazil had an awesome Creations class.


3 - Colombia

We really loved the attention to detail in these recent Creations classes in Colombia.


4 - Ecuador

We were happy to receive these pictures of the Creations Caribou project and worksheets from these Believers in Ecuador.


A pallet of Agapao tablets has arrived.


5 - Guyana

Brother Paul Ross recently traveled to Rupunau village in Guyana. We shared some of his report on Good Morning Friends podcast episode #31. He was invited to a young people gathering where they introduced some Creation sewing classes and special activities to the children. They also enjoyed some wonderful singing and fellowship around a bonfire and three people were baptized as well.


We have been sent some great pictures of Believers in Guyana with their beautiful Creations projects and journaling.


6 - Paraguay

Agapao tablet distribution to the believers in Paraguay.


So many awesome projects, journaling, and Thanksgiving feasts happened over the past couple of months in Paraguay!


7 - Trinidad

Our friends over in Trinidad have done so many awesome Creations projects recently! We truly enjoyed seeing each one.


8 - Venezuela

Thank you to these brothers and sisters in Venezuela for submitting pictures from their recent Creations classes. They did a great job!


North America


1 - United States


There has been a little bit of everything going on here near Jeffersonville! Sewing, worksheets, projects, and a beautiful trip to visit Corral Peaks!



We enjoyed seeing these brother’s recent Creations projects!



Creations project from a family in Georgia.



Creations project from a sister in Maine.


South Dakota

This sister’s Branham Peaks project turned out beautifully!



This family in Washington has had some quality time around the table, journaling and doing projects together as a family.


2 - Canada

Some young brothers and sisters got together to take part in a recent Creations class.


These brothers and sisters have had some awesome Creations classes, and incredible Thanksgiving feasts!