Cambodia Distribution

Brother Israel Ngome continues to spread the Light in the Southeast Asian nation of Cambodia. His recent report takes us to the central Provinces of Kampong Chhnang and Kampong Cham, where he has found success in working with local churches and outreaches in presenting the Message of the hour.

There are still few believers in Cambodia, but as the Lord continues to open the doors, God’s predestinated are receiving their Spiritual Food in due season.

Kampong Cham Province

At our first stop in the central province of Kampong Cham, the local pastor and about 15 elders were anxiously waiting. We started by singing a few Khmer songs. Praising the Lord with stringed instruments can be helpful in fellowship and worship, and the stage was set for the Message to go forth.

We read Mal 4:5-6 and I also told the believers to open their Bibles to Luke 23:33. It was from this scripture the prophet drew the inspiration to preach, "The Indictment." I played the sermon.

There are 16 districts in Kampong Cham Province. I had bought the cartons to package the Message books for the 16 districts. The sticker of the VGR logo and the office address were attached on all the boxes with the Kampong Cham- Districts names inscribed. It would have taken us too much time, cost much, and exhausting to travel to the 16 Districts. The Lord provided brothers with the burden to spread the Message and to help in the distribution.

Kampong Chhnang Province

I just visited the pastor at Kampong Chhnang Province. We had service in his church in the morning, and it was here that a sister read Malachi 3, and an elder explained the texts to the Christians briefly. The pastors always do this in Cambodia at the beginning of service to encourage the members to read the Bible. I was then called up to speak, and I knew the Lord had made it easier for me because of this reading that was chosen. This made it easier to continue to Malachi 4. I played the sermon, “How the Angel Came to Me And His Commission.” After the service, I distributed the micro SD cards to the members, in which they all had devices to play the sermons on their own.

I met another pastor there who told me he is a leader from the organization Tree Of Life. I knew the Lord had made it easy for me once again. I was called up to exhort the people in the Word of God, and I spoke about the true "Tree of Life."  At the end of the exhortation, I asked how many are ready for baptism and many hands were up. I told the local pastor overseeing the group to make time and baptize them. I gave micro SD cards to those who came to encourage the young group.

The next day we had to take a boat to some islands to visit four groups. These are Christian groups with leaders. We all had a wonderful time fellowship around the Word. I told the leaders not to delay to baptize all those who raised their hands for baptism. The main reason has been that there is no water and they are waiting for rainy season. I pray the Lord will guide them to make haste and not wait for the rainy season, it will be too far. I gave them micro SD cards. I will keep contact with the pastor for info about the believers and the baptisms. The pastor baptizes in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the third time I have visited him and gave materials.