Checking In

We received tremendous Feedback from The Gathering of the Eagles article, posted on March 21. Believers from all over the world responded with not only their current situation, but also with a number of prayer requests.

We would like to hear from the Bride around the world. How are you handling the Coronavirus situation? Do you have a prayer request? Would you like to share a quote, a Scripture, or an entire sermon that has given you encouragement during this difficult time? We will be sharing some of these notes on the branham.org Feed.

If you would like your message posted on the Feed, please keep it under 100 words and use the following format:

  • Your name, city, country: Your message

For example:
John Doe, Jeffersonville, USA: All is well with my family here. We are quarantined at home, but we are all healthy and we’ve been enjoying a sermon every day with our family. Today, we heard 57-0120E. "Though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel…" Amen!

To submit your comment, leave feedback on this article or leave a note on the testimony page, and we will do our best to post it on the Feed. Unfortunately, because of the number of messages we will receive, we won’t be able to post all of them. Again, make sure they are 100 words or less. Also note that we will not be responding to these messages. If you would like to leave your full testimony, feel free to do so on the testimony page, as usual.

Don't forget about The Voice Radio on the Lifeline app. Hundreds of believers around the world are tuning in to the broadcast 24/7 and listening to Brother Branham’s Message together. Take a look at the top of the screen to see how many people are tuning in at the same time.

(We will be unable to respond if you send this message anonymously.)

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