Morocco Distribution

To many of us, there are few things greater than placing the Word of life into the hands of God’s children. Brothers Gerald and Matthew Buitenkamp, from our VGR office in Holland, share their report of the Agapao Tablet's arrival into the northwest African country of Morocco.

There are an estimated 200 believers scattered throughout the 36 million inhabitants. We left out many details from the report due to the location of this distribution trip and the safety of the believers.

Morocco Information

  • Population: 36.5 Million
  • Languages: Arabic, Berber, and French
  • In comparison with a U.S. state, Morocco is about the same size as California.
  • Capital: Rabat
  • Largest city: Casablanca, with a population of 3.5 Million
  • Religion: Sunni / Islam

Morocco is known to be an Islamic nation, and therefore it isn't so easy to bring in other religious materials. After moving through customs, by God’s grace, we were able to start the mission.

We met with all the believers on Sunday. About 120 people gathered in a rented villa where everybody was waiting for our arrival.

We quickly got our equipment set up and prepared for the tape that we were about to hear. No matter where you are, either far away from home, another language, or in a Muslim country, there is something about it, as soon as you hear that familiar Voice it sure brings such an anointing and atmosphere. Also, seeing the believers getting in the Spirit under the prophetic Message, as we all listened to, "Believest Thou This?" with French subtitle.

What a blessing that they could follow the Message in their own language!

The Lord surely was good to us, and blessed us with a wonderful Message!

After the service, we were able to share with them the Agapao Tablet presentation, and following, we distributed the French Agapao Tablets, along with microSD cards, books and tracts. We thank the Lord once again for making this all possible to bring them this precious Food!

Distributed French materials:

  • 20 Hero tablets
  • 20 microSD cards
  • 4 Hebrews books
  • 10 Cub Corner magazines
  • 300 witnessing tracts (20 of each kind)

When we got back to Europe, the airport security customs inspector pulled us on the side and asked if we had anything to declare. I said, “No sir.” He wanted to check all our bags anyways, and searched every bag but couldn't find anything, just our personal belongings.

I was happy that they did not make a thorough search as we entered Morocco, with all the tablets, but didn't matter on our return trip coming back without any tablets to Europe.

The Lord made us able to take all the materials without any trouble and no duties to be paid at all.

Praise the Lord!