Month In Pictures

Here are some pictures from our representatives around the world.



1 - Cambodia

Cambodia - The VGR team traveled to Takeo province to show some believers how to install and use the newly offered Khmer Table app.

2 - India

India - Several converts were baptized in Maharashtra state after a tape service.

3 - India

India - The VGR office in Chenai has continued to receive visitors and has also been recording into the Tamil language.

4 - Pakistan

Pakistan - A baptismal service was held near Karachi, where several new converts accepted water baptism.

5 - Philippines

Philippines - Agapao Tablet distribution continued in the Pangasinan region.

Mexico and Central America


1 - Mexico

Mexico - The team from central Mexico was busy updating tablets and replacing older ones in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

2 - Mexico

Mexico - The team from Central Mexico also visited other towns in the state of Jalisco.

3 - El Salvador

El Salvador - The Agapao tablet distribution has continued, this trip was to the city of Canton Piedra Rajada.

4 - Mexico

Mexico - Brother Francisco is on a 4 week long distribution trip to Northern Mexico and Baja California. He has been visiting believers, checking on their tablets, fixing or replacing tablets, and also distributing about 200 new tablets to those who have not received any. He also baptized at least one new convert while on his trip and one group of children was eager to share with him their Creations project.

South America


1 - Colombia

Colombia - The VGR Colombia office distributed almost 775 tablets in 18 services over 24 days to the believers of the Cali area.

2 - Paraguay

Paraguay - Book distribution has not completely stopped, in Paraguay several ministers came to receive message material.



1 - Cameroon

Cameroon - brothers and sisters in Cameroon enjoyed taking part in the Creations project on the Seven Seals.

2 - Cameroon

Cameroon - A small group of believers in Yaoundé, gathered together to do the Creations activity to commemorate the anniversary of the Mysterious Cloud. Brothers and sisters of all ages, including parents, participated in the activity.

3 - Republic of the Congo

Republic of the Congo - Many youth gathered together in Nzassi, Congo Brazzaville to participate in activities to celebrate the anniversary of the Mysterious Cloud. As can be seen, they had a wonderful time gathering together to honor such a supernatural event.

4 - Republic of the Congo

Republic of the Congo - Brothers and sisters in Brazzaville, enjoying the Creations project on the Seven Seals.

5 - Republic of the Congo

Republic of the Congo - Brother Maxime Kibinda was nominated as the new VGR Librarian in Dolisie, Congo Brazzaville.

6 - Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea - What a blessing it is to see a family working together on the Seven Seals Creations project. Keep up the great work!

7 - Gabon

Gabon - Some of the youth in Gabon gathered together to take part in some YF activities.

8 - Ghana

Ghana - The VGR office in Tema has continued working on translations into the Ewe and Asante Twi Languages.

9 - Togo

Togo - Some brothers and sisters in Togo recently got together to work on the Seven Seals project. As you can see, they did a wonderful job.

10 - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe - Agapao tablet distribution continued, this time in the village of Buhera.

11 - Madagascar

Madagascar - The Madagascar studio has also been hard at work. The following pictures show the Malagasy team translating, recording, and proofing the translations.

12 - Zambia

Zambia - The VGR Zambia office has been busy; tending to the mailing lists and recording into the Lozi language. They also recorded, for the first time ever, into the Luvale language. We also received pictures from the VGR library in Isoka.

13 - South Africa

South Africa - The translation work continues at the VGR Durban office as does the street witnessing, which this time took place in the Eerste River area.

14 - Malawi

Malawi - A baptism was held at the VGR office.



1 - Romania

Romania - Agapao tablet distribution was also ongoing in Romania.

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