Our God Is Not Dead

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Hebrews 13:8

Are you ready? The Bible warns us that, "Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not." We should be ready, not only for the Coming of our Lord Jesus, but also for any opportunity that the Lord may place in our paths to do His Work. This Polish sister recalled an article we posted a few months ago about a documented miracle performed in the Branham Tabernacle. She knew that these gifts were not just sent to Jeffersonville, they are sent to ALL THOSE WHO BELIEVE! This is yet another testimony to prove that our God is not dead, He is alive! 

With all our hearts we want to give the Lord praise for the event which took place on Saturday afternoon, February 20th, 2016. That day I went with my mother, to Sanok (Poland), to visit our relatives. Saturday morning I went shopping with my mother, my older sister, and her little son. Everything was fine and no one could have ever guessed what was going to happen later that day.

After we came back home from shopping, my mother was busy in the kitchen. It was then that she mentioned she was going to lie down for a while because she wasn't feeling well. At that point, I noticed that something was wrong. Quite often my mother had problems with her heart. The doctor said that she had atrial fibrillation, however, she did not accept the diagnosis. While we were preparing the dinner, Mom was lying in the room, when my brother-in-law came quickly and asked us to pray for her. Mom was lying on the bed and she was shaking. Before we started to pray, Piotr (the brother-in-law) read passages of Scripture, Psalm 103, and Isaiah chapter 53. He was going to read another short passage, but suddenly my mother stopped breathing. Her hand fell limply down to her side.

We started to call and wake her, but there was no response. We could not detect any breath. I have received a prayer cloth, which the prophet had prayed over, and laid it on her in a cry of despair. We cried to the Lord, because, really, there was no hope. Our mother was not with us anymore. I cried to the Lord that we need our mom, and I asked Him not to take her.

We could feel peace and victory over the enemy. Then I just saw a peaceful smile on my mother's face. Her face was full of great joy. During our prayer she slowly started to breathe, and finally took a deep breath and her breathing became stable. Mom did not open her eyes yet, but she was breathing. At the same time, my brother-in-law looked out the window, and he saw an ambulance parked outside. One of my neighbors just happen to call an ambulance. For us it was a struggle, because we did not know if we should call the paramedics. After a while, my mother opened her eyes and asked us why she was lying on the bed. She did not remember at all what happened and where she was. She began to inquire about my father, who at that time was at home (about 500 miles from Sanok). She was completely unaware of what had happened, and said that she felt a burning sensation. She also mentioned that she was very exhausted. When I leaned over, and told her what had happened, tears began to run down her cheeks. She said she did remember one thing. She told of how she walked arm in arm with a white figure, on glistening streets. She was just full of peace and she wasn't worried at all. She could not describe what she saw. Suddenly she saw my dad crying, and she heard a scream in the distance. She turned and felt something like as if she came back to the body. The whole occurrence lasted about 3-4 minutes. After about 30 minutes, my mother got up from the bed completely healthy, and she was able to do everything.

Some time ago we've seen the testimony of a brother in Jeffersonville brought back to life by God. And then I thought: Can these things happen only in America? I'd like to experience something like that. But I never thought that in a few days I would be a witness of a similar situation. We are so glad that our Lord is still a God of action, and that our Lord manifests Himself to His Bride, just like the Lord said through His prophet.

He is doing the same work in these last days. Let us all dive deeper into the Word. The Word is amazing!

Let us give praise to the Lord for the works He does in our midst.

Sister Justyna Kluczenko