18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

Ephesians 6:18

The prophet taught us that “Prayer is the most powerful weapon was ever put in the hand of mankind.” When this weapon is put to use, things change and they change fast!

I would like to give this testimony about my daughter’s healing and the mercy that the Lord showed her.

We had come home from church on Wednesday night and I was getting ready for bed, when I heard a huge commotion in the bedroom.

My daughter Eliza, who is four, had gotten hurt and was crying very loudly, and was inconsolable. We have eight children, and I guess from so many "boo boos" and skinned knees, I have come to let things go a bit before I get into crisis mode. It usually turns out to be not so bad once the initial shock wears off.

This night seemed to fit this description and Eliza started calming down. Then I suddenly heard a loud scream and uncontrollable sobbing coming from the room. Eliza was screaming, "I can't see, I can't see."

I quickly dressed and came out into the room, and my wife was asking her questions to see if she was indeed having trouble seeing, or if she was just hopefully overreacting. I observed for just a little bit and I realized that she was truly in distress. I stood in front of her and I said, "Eliza can you see me here?"

She looked to the right of me and obviously not at me, and crying, said she could not see me. I told my wife that we needed to go to the emergency room right now. I also need to add that she had a huge purple bump on the right side of her forehead, and the right side of her face was swollen and red. It looked very bad to the human eye.

As we readied everything and we all got dressed, I sent out a prayer request text to a big list of brothers from church to pray for Eliza, that she had fallen and could not see. My wife did the same to a list of sisters she had in her phone, and we took off for the hospital.

As we drove, my wife continued to speak with our daughter, and she was just completely inconsolable and crying that she could not see and that she had a headache. As we drove, my phone continued to buzz and light up as each brother on the list answered back. I could not read them since I was driving, but my faith rose a bit as each one came in. I knew that each one was a saint of God going to prayer for Eliza, and that each one was a blow at the enemy.

After a while the fear that I felt as we drove became less and less. Eliza seemed to not be so upset, even though she continued to say she could not see. We went some ways farther and Eliza started calming down more, but was still crying and saying, "I can't see, I can't see." When suddenly she screamed out, "I can see! I can see now!"

I can't tell you what a jubilee we had in the truck. I slowed down as we just rejoiced a bit. We decided to go on to the hospital since we were close by now, and I guess in a way to just prove that our Lord had healed her to the enemy.

We went into the hospital and they sent us straight back. Eliza passed all the initial tests, answered all their questions to the good, and when they sent her to get a CT scan. It came back completely normal with no sign of any problems whatsoever. The next day there was not even a mark on her head where the huge purple bump had been on the side of her face. There was just the slightest yellow color right on the spot she hit her forehead. She was completely normal.

We thank the Lord for His great mercy in healing our daughter. She could not see, and the great God of the universe and Creator of all things harkened unto the prayers of his children and healed the eyes of my daughter.

Praise His Holy Name. I am so grateful to Him.

Brother Stephen


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