Faithful To Their Post

Each year, as the winter months fade away, VGR receives a very special visit by a few of our friends from Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Ohio, Connecticut, and Texas. After leaving work Thursday night, convoys of brothers drive through the night, to join with a few locals here in Jeffersonville, for two days devoted to make the grounds at VGR look just right.

The weekend includes jobs like pressure washing the VGR roof, cleaning up downed trees, spreading tons (literally) of mulch, and doing whatever it takes in helping renew the VGR property for the upcoming year.

Friday morning begins with a first rate breakfast in the VGR cafeteria, which is put together by a few of the local sisters, who themselves will spend many hours preparing for a weekend of more than 60 brothers (38 from out of town). Fellowship, laughter, and Christian greetings are shared over the morning meal before everyone breaks for the day’s work. It was cold and wet, but the work was not hindered.

Saturday began with the highlight of the entire weekend for all who are involved. Starting at around 6:45am, the crew of helpers picked a spot inside VGR to have their Quiet Time with the Lord Jesus. Ages range from 12 to 73, and they joined with His people worldwide for this special time set aside with our Lord. After QT, the rest of the day is the continuation of Friday's labor: scrubbing, lifting, sawing, raking, and washing at both the VGR building and YFYC until everything looks just right. What drives these precious souls to spend a weekend such as this? Here is a little insight into what is on their hearts.

What an honor and privilege to be part of the PA ground crew this year.

We go with the objective of being a blessing and help to Bro. Joseph and his team there at the Great Machine. We come away being lifted up and blessed more than could be imagined.

And the highlight of the trip: having International Quiet Time in the VGR building on Saturday morning. I thought we might be tired in body when we got back home, but our spirits are strengthened.

A brother from Pennsylvania

It is such a joy to live for others! The benefits are out of this world- the best fellowship with brothers of kindred (Holy) Spirit, Quiet Time at the Storehouse, to be invited by Brother Joseph, and to walk where the 7th Church Age Messenger, Rev. William Branham walked. What a privileged work crew we are to help out in this very small way for the benefit of the Bride of Christ.

A brother from Pennsylvania

The weekend ends with sore muscles and aching backs, but you wouldn’t know it as every face wears a smile of gratitude to be able to come this special place and do their part for this Message they love so much. From all of us here at Voice of God Recordings, and His Bride around the world, we say thank you and God bless you!

But it's so different with Jesus. He sees every little move that you make, and every little kind word that you speak, and every little kind deed that you do. All of them mean much to Him.

57-1213 And Then Jesus Came