The Little Things

Greetings my precious brothers in Christ. May the Lord Jesus bless all of you reading these paragraphs, and may He also bless those who hear them out. This is a small, but genuine, testimony about God fixing and getting my microwave back to work again!

On the second week of January 2020, I read the testimony of a Sister in Brazil whose refrigerator broke down and the Lord got it to work again, praise the Lord! And also Brother Branham mentions in a certain sermon how a sister also prayed and the Lord fixed her fridge (55-0731), and I believed both testimonies with all my heart.

In my case, the microwave is eight and a half years old. It went out while warming up a glass of water. All of a sudden it stopped and didn’t respond anymore. It happened on Wednesday, Jan 23, evening time. Before going to bed, I went and pushed every button and nothing worked. It was dead completely, though all other appliances were working.

Early in the morning, I prayed as usual until I was satisfied, then laid in bed for a little longer. Then I remembered I forgot to pray for the microwave, so I just prayed real quick only in my mind, “Lord Jesus, I ask you to fix my microwave. Lord, you know I don’t pray to see if it happens, but because I believe, amen.” A couple of hours later in same morning, I was preparing some scrambled eggs, so obviously I was in front of the microwave. All of the sudden I looked up and it was displaying this message, “ready to use, press start”. I kind of froze for a second, then I raise my hands and thanked the Lord. I said, “Lord, thank you, forgive me if there’s any unbelief in my heart, but I believe, Lord.”

Faith is the substance... Only believe. May God bless you all, amen.

Brother Humberto Sandoval


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