Agapao Branson

The team arrived at the Branson Convention Center on Friday morning and hit the ground running. We had to have our displays assembled and everything working before we could shower and get ready for the evening service. Seven hours rolled by in the blink of an eye, and with all the displays up and running, we got cleaned up and headed to the Keeter Center for service.

The Keeter Center is a beautiful facility with rustic log beams, stained concrete floors, and homemade wooden furniture. It is located in the College of the Ozarks, where many of the students are able to work their way through school by performing a number of duties at the college.

We couldn’t stand the wait until 6:00 to open the doors, so a few of us walked out into the crowd to fellowship with the believers who had already gathered outside. The best word to describe the feeling was “anticipation.” We opened the doors, and a steady stream of people filed into the auditorium and continued their preparation for service.

The first night had a very sweet spirit. Brother Joseph encouraged the people to stay in the Word and laid a platform for Brother Branham to bring the evening message. When the sermon came to a close and we worshipped together, we could feel a sincere reverence among the people. We knew that the ice was broken, and we looked forward to seeing what the Lord was going to do in the days to come.

Saturday morning, we all met at the Branson Convention Center for fellowship, displays, and discussion about the new Agapao Tablet. The people saw that this is no ordinary iPad or Android; this is a custom designed missionary tool that has the potential to change the face of missionary work around the world. There were a lot of raised eyebrows when we talked about the speed that translations can go around the world or how the device is as tough as nails. This was also a precious time for us to catch up with old friends or relax and talk about the Lord in the special lounge we set up just down the hall for the believers. All that love and fellowship during the day built an excitement that carried over to the evening service.

Saturday evening was a service that will always be dear to the hearts of everyone there. Again Brother Joseph addressed the people, lifting up the Word before them and challenging them to hear It. By the time Brother Branham’s voice came through the speakers, we were all on the edge of our seats, ready to hear the Word of God. And the Lord honored our anticipation! The Holy Spirit came down in a mighty way that evening, with some people shouting, some weeping, and all praising the Lord in the unity of Agapao love! We couldn’t wait to return on Sunday morning for the conclusion to the first meetings of the Agapao Tour.

There was a light rain as the sun rose over the hills of Branson. Before the first person arrived at the Keeter Center, the clouds gave way to two beautiful rainbows as if to say, “Welcome My Children.” The believers quietly entered the building and walked past a sign with the sermon title, “The Oneness Of Unity” posted at the entrance of the sanctuary. The title of the sermon perfectly described what we witnessed on that cool, Sunday morning. Our Heavenly Father was surely pleased as He looked over the banisters of Heaven and watched His children singing, weeping, and worshipping together. Our joy turned to sadness and our eyes filled with tears when the believers exited the building. The Lord Jesus truly gave us a wonderful time during this first weekend of the Tour.

We now are on the road headed south towards Beaumont, but our hearts are with our dear friends in the Branson area. Thank you for showing us such love. These memories will be with us forever.

But the Church has received a Heavenly Sign: an Astronaut! Amen! Jesus Christ, in the form of a Pillar of Fire; that He was in the Old Testament, that He was when He met Saul on the road down there to Damascus, the same Jesus here today! And what does It do? Does It bring fear? It brings love, a uniting of one another. Amen! A feeling for one another. It brings the Love of God, oh, uniting us and brings us, the Body of Christ, into unity as a Bride.

63-0818 The Uniting Time And Sign