A Deep To Respond

We need to take the world today, we ministers, like the old Norwegians used to take a country. When they went in by ship, they hit the shore and set the ship afire and burned it behind them. They had no way of escape. That’s the way we ought to do: Burn every bridge and every escape. Sell out everything for the Kingdom of God and keep moving on. There’s no place of stopping. There’s no place of compromising.

60-0607 Hearing, Receiving, And Acting

Brother David Forsberg and the Norway team spent a weekend witnessing in the west coast of Norway. After preparations were made, the team was able to bring Brother Branham to the town of Stavanger, an invite he had received 60 years ago. Here is their report.

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

To introduce the Message to the people who live at the West Coast of Norway has been on our hearts for about two years, and we were glad that God gave us an opportunity to take with us books and materials to that part of Norway. It is actually a Viking area from the very old days. We did the same preparations as we did for the Laplanders, making annoncements in newspapers and several radio stations about showing the film, "The Deep Calleth To The Deep" in two different places, in that region, Stavanger and Sandnes. Some of the missionary team went with cars loaded full of materials and some of us flew in.

One thing that made our expectation in a high level was that somebody showed us an old newspaper article from 1957, that was telling about a brother with the name, Rein Seehuus, a pastor in a local church that was inviting Brother Branham to preach in Stavanger, but he was not able to come to Norway and Stavanger at that time. But we were very happy that we could introduce the prophet to the people in Stavanger this year.

After gathering the team for prayers in the morning, we went out to the streets with the banners and passed out invitations to see the film.

When it was time for us to prepare the cinema hall, many visitors were already standing outside in a long line. We put the materials on the table and made everything ready, then we opened up the doors and let the people in while we were playing the hymns of Brother Branham. You can imagine how nice atmosphere that made for all of us, even before the film started.

It is always a great honour to introduce the prophet to so many that never have been able to hear Brother Branham before. We believe this specific sermon, The Deep Calleth To The Deep, changed many hearts this weekend. By showing this film we were able to lead them to the very Fountain of the Spoken Word and the Living Bread for our generation. A fruit of this missionary trip is that they will receive translated sermons regulary in their mail box. Everyone that came received the two tracts, The Mystery Of God and The Messenger.

A couple who runs the Christian bookstore in the town asked for the DVD, The Deep Calleth To The Deep, to have in their store.

Thanks be to the Lord, Jesus Christ, once again we have been witness to His wonders. It is a strong encouragement for us to see our beloved prophet once again speak to the people that come from different denominations and churches. Even lots of people were standing outside in the corridors, while we were playing the film. They were not able to come inside because it was full packed, but they were able to listen to the voice of the prophet through an open door.

We would like to share with you a beautiful quote from the film:

And when life is all over here on earth, the last prayer has been prayed, the battles are all done, smoke’s dried up, gone away, arms is stacked, the Bible’s closed, and we come up to Your house… That great morning, breaks eternal bright and fair, when the chosen ones shall gather to their home beyond the skies, as the poet said… Lord, as we see that great table stretched out there for that supper, thousands of miles long, looking across the table to each other, battle-scarred veterans, tears of joy running down our cheeks… The King come out in His beauty, holiness, walk down along the table and take His own hands and wipe the tears from our eyes, saying, “Don’t cry no more, it’s all over. Enter into the joys of the Lord.” The toils of the road will seem nothing then, Father, when we get to the end of the way.

And help us tonight, Lord, to—forgetting those things which are in the past, let us press the mark of the high calling now. And may Your Spirit come and manifest Your Son, Jesus Christ, to these people, as I have tried, as a mortal, to tell them of You being the same yesterday, today, and forever. For we ask it in Jesus’ Name, Thy beloved Child. Amen.

54-0624 The Deep Calleth To The Deep

Thank you to all who remembered us in your prayers.

This weekend, we will never forget!

God bless you richly!

Brother David & Sister Ellen